Summer Session

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There's a fascinating session is waiting for you! If you answer all questions correctly, you will recieve not only classmate, but a teacher! Such excellent marks you have not yet recieved! Reward is waiting for you, so come and get it!

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pull out game weak

Pretty good, the quizzes could be more challenging, the animation is a bit janky though

First of all, I am german. And so, maybe my english description is not the best ... like other members do write here. Because it doesn't is my native language, okay !?

"Fuck Town - Summer Session" (these game here) is a exact copy from Meet 'n' Fuck " Sexy College Quiz" - aka - "College Sim". With the only difference: here, the lady's doesn't look so good and - especially in the sex scenes - they doesn't move even her bodies ... mostly.

The rest is the same, exactly ... and I mean EXACTLY. You must have skills in several tests to different topics (history, computer, sport and so on). Have you achieve that, you receive the option for you have sex with the women, the students, who check you.

For these game I don't have find any walkthrough in the Internet, like for "Sexy College Quiz", but, so how it seems ... that was also never necessary.

Btw, I see now, I have - because, - BY THE REALLY STUPID RECYCLING FROM SEVERAL GAMES AND ABOVE ALL THEIR STORIES ... unfortunately - exactly these game here with "Sexy College Quiz" aka "College Sim" (same topic).

Exactly the same error is happen for me already with "Date with Ophthalmologist" and "Great Job" (both from the FUCK TOWN series) ... for more, please see my actual reviews to the games.

For that all I want to say honestly apology. But, the lack was first, NOT ME HAVE RE - USE MORE THAN ONLY ONE TIME THE SAME STORYLINES AND GAME TOPICS, - the author was it.

That's also the reason why these (sorry) "garbage" thing here receive now only 2 stars. Okay ... it is easy to play one game, if you have already finish some same or other with a same topic, but, every and every time simple a thing with some small parts to re - use is a shame. No matter, comes it from Meet 'n' Fuck or just SexHotGames.

Lousy, no good game.

how is sex where I do all the work and she just lays there a "reward"?

Over all a great game just that the longest river in the world is actual the Nile by some 258 miles over the Amazon river. However it was still a good game the animation was nice and the play through was easy to understand. So Thank You for the game and keep up the great Work!!!