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Metal Gear Koopa Ep 01

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Author Comments

Ever wonder what would happen if the worlds of Metal Gear and Super Mario crossed over? Well that's what you'll find out in Metal Gear Koopa Episode 1: Infiltration.

Mario finds himself forced into an anti-terrorist operation under the command of Colonel Toadsworth. He'll have to use all of his skills (Or pure dumb luck.) to rescue two high profile hostages and stop a nuclear launch from destroying the Mushroom Kingdom. What vile evil could be behind such an affront to a peaceful kingdom? Mario's own younger sibling; Luigi, and a group of specially trained mercenaries. Will Mario be able to successfully infiltrate the enemy stronghold undetected? Watch and find out!

(Notes: This is something that gets said a lot, but, this is my first time animating with Flash. While it may not excuse the animation quality, it does explain it. And future episodes will improve as I get better. Also, this -is- a sprite flash, so if you don't like sprite flashes, you need not waste your precious seconds watching this animation. If you're wondering, press "space" to advance dialogue and text screens. Thanks in advance for watching and I'm open to -constructive- criticism.)


Its alright

Just enough in the first episode to keep me interested, but I think the biggest problem is that it moves really, really slow. The dialogue is sort of bland and boring and doesn't seem like its quite there yet. The pace of the flash moves really slow, even if I do spam space to help progress the dialogue screen, but there really is not a whole lot happening between dialogues to keep my attention. The sprite animations are smooth thus far, so that's going to be no problem for the next one. But as of right now, this seemed more like a trailer than the first episode of a series. Will look forward to the next episode. Good luck.

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Very nice

I'm kinda impressed by this MGS is one of my all time favorite games and Mario is a frigin classic. For being your first flash you did very nice specially since this seems to actually be something not many others have done. I guess the only actual drawback would be try not doing a after almost everything Mario or Luigi says every once in awhile is good but after almost every other word isn't other then that small detail the whole thing was great I'll be looking for the rest of this series.

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Its good!

Your 1st animation... It's good. It has potentional... It's fresh, It's funny, it's.. well good.

Crtisism: Not much to say about it. You did excellent! Cept the animation looking a LIL stiff. But that's hard to notice. For a 1st animation its great as for the jokes good... The space to continune text... well Alvin used it.

You did a good job. You made nice costumizations and everything is just good.
Keep spriting my friend since you could just become as big as Alvin is.

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Fantastic start

This was a fantastic fusion flash of Mario & Metal Gear which was done to damn near perfection at least for a start,the sprites looked great & everybodies role looked great also the script was solid and overall it was a fantastic start to what looks to be a very promising series,i hope to see much more in the near future and it would be much apprciated if you could give this fan here a PM when the next episode is submitted in case i don't catch it cause i think this has that much potential to be one epic series,keep up the great work. =D

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Nicely Done

By the pushing space thing, he meant he doesn't like have to push space to proceed through the dialogue.

As for me , I really enjoyed it. It's a very good beginning episode. I would do without the a's so much in everything mario says. Italians don't speak with a's after thank. I liked the comedy behind the mc donnel mushroom. Nicely done.

I only hope you don't get bored and cut this series off part way through. I look forward to watching this one through.

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Credits & Info

3.77 / 5.00

Nov 19, 2009
10:25 PM EST
Comedy - Parody