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Metal Gear Koopa Ep 01

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Ever wonder what would happen if the worlds of Metal Gear and Super Mario crossed over? Well that's what you'll find out in Metal Gear Koopa Episode 1: Infiltration.

Mario finds himself forced into an anti-terrorist operation under the command of Colonel Toadsworth. He'll have to use all of his skills (Or pure dumb luck.) to rescue two high profile hostages and stop a nuclear launch from destroying the Mushroom Kingdom. What vile evil could be behind such an affront to a peaceful kingdom? Mario's own younger sibling; Luigi, and a group of specially trained mercenaries. Will Mario be able to successfully infiltrate the enemy stronghold undetected? Watch and find out!

(Notes: This is something that gets said a lot, but, this is my first time animating with Flash. While it may not excuse the animation quality, it does explain it. And future episodes will improve as I get better. Also, this -is- a sprite flash, so if you don't like sprite flashes, you need not waste your precious seconds watching this animation. If you're wondering, press "space" to advance dialogue and text screens. Thanks in advance for watching and I'm open to -constructive- criticism.)

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Hind-D look awesome!!Hind-D is my favoirite helicopter in world!Also good they use FAMAS and real weapons,not something like fireflovers.I hope you make more soon.And please make them little longer.

Really good animation

i love it


I'm not going to assume you're lying when you say this is your first time animating with flash but I pretty sure I've seen a mock trailer of the same name of this parody a couple years ago.
(Just don't use that line in your authors comments it gives you nothing but sympathy votes and IMO that's just sad.)

I wanna review this fairly but from what I remember the trailer I saw of this was way better then an extended series. It was a brief presentation of the concept of Mario and metalgear mix.

But unlike Super Mario bros Z , (which this is probably inspired by) where AlvinEarthworm uses the theme of dragonball z, you have to rely on the metal gear story more then it needs to so you're basically showing us metalgear again it's not appealing, and not even a parody.
You're not doing anything original copying the dialogue word for word and replacing keynames with mario themes won't cut it for me.

So concept is ok but it doesn't have enough to fuel a series. But don't let this stop you you look like you put alot of work into this so just try to change the dialogue and add something more to it because It's boring to people who have played metal gear and confusing to people who haven't.

TehShaester responds:

That trailer you speak of was done by my original partner, Glukom. Originally he was staged to animate and I was staged to write and sprite, alongside the number of spriters from Pixeltendo who helped back then. Sadly it fell through, until now.

As for the dialogue.. well, since it'll be a little while before I move on to anything for a second episode, I'll work on a more original progression while keeping faithful to source material as I can. Perhaps I stayed a little too close to the Metal Gear side of the fence in this episode. Thank you for the suggestion, it's appreciated.

its good but

its good but id say change the dialoge for speach voice acting on this woul;d of given it an amazing 10/10


Sorry foe asking but whats the song when waluigi pops up? Thanks and Great flash cant wait for the others.