MoralityGenocide ep3

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It far in the future. Earth is long dead from global warming, pollution and overall carelessness of the human race. However humanity did survive- colonization vessels were sent to planets thought to be inhabited, which made use of cryostasis (freezing). This is the story of one just such planet, and what it means to be human. In an attempt to not let history repeat itself an international organization was formed to control the planets population through use of death squads, that kill regardless of race/ nationality/ religion/ political affiliation/etc. This series is about the personal lives and feeling of just such a death squad. By showing this dystopian future I hope to paint a version of humanity never seen before, and hopefully provoke a reaction, however small, that will help save out current planet without the use of such grotesque measures, while we still can.

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Wow, did not expect that. Raping Robots?

A good idea.....

Although I found the script to be a bit stilted and lacking in subtlety, with a few tweaks it could be really good.

YuriytheBest responds:

thanks! yup always learning- this is my first time writing a series with interconnected episodes

whaaa- ?

I was all ready to vote 5, but then I found the thing rather unlikeable. The storyline was hard to follow, and then there was the dumb porn joke, the guy with the syringe in his head, and the bizzare bots. Why the hell did they kill the guy's family when he cooperated? That's not much of a reward. So.. did you have a syringe in your head when you made this, or did you just run out of porn? xD

YuriytheBest responds:

they killed his family cause he was a rebel and held em at gunpoint and threatened them regarding future events.

Quite nice!

Your style seems to be a bit off or too basic in places, but I found many aspects to be quite impressive!

Especially the emotions and expressions on your character's faces were pretty good! The voice acting also did the job very well.

For the story, I have to admit I haven't seen the first two episodes, but I found what I've seen so far to be very enjoyable. The voice acting made the experience all the better.

I do find the lack of background music and not that many sounds to be a shame. It would add to the atmosphere, and as the city you illustrated seems very dark in places, this could very well add a new layer to your movie.

Keep going with these and try to improve your artstyle as much as possible after each one! This already seems to be a great series; try to turn it into an amazing one!

YuriytheBest responds:

thanks for your advice especially about the sound- it's probably my weakpoint since I am always afraid to spoil it with too much effects or sounds that don't really fit or indeed to have too few sounds- I will try to add more ambiance/atmospheric sounds in the future episodes.

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3.32 / 5.00

Nov 19, 2009
3:50 PM EST