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Armed Prophet

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Alien Juice 10 Points

Get killed by an alien.

Robot Fuel 10 Points

Get killed by a robot.

Zombie Meat 10 Points

Get killed by a zombie.

Alcoholic 25 Points

Play through a stage consuming nothing but beer.

Anorexic 25 Points

Play through a stage without eating or drinking.

Armed Prophet 25 Points

Unlock all weapons.

Chairman 25 Points

Get the chair all the way to ZOMG.

Classic Hero 25 Points

Play through every stage.

Hand it Over 25 Points

Kill Zomboss.

Kill Smiley 25 Points

Kill Smileborg

Skull 25 Points

Get the skull all the way to Zomboss.

The Freeman 25 Points

Play through every stage in one go using the crowbar.

ZOMG!!!1 25 Points


Handy Man 50 Points

Kill Zomboss with his own arm.

Illegal Alien 50 Points

Kill ZOMG with the Alienator.

Smiley Hater 50 Points

Kill Smileborg with the Cyber Blade T47.

Testosterowned 50 Points

Play through a stage on real man difficulty.

Author Comments

You might experience non-responsive controls while playing this game in Internet Explorer. Just use Firefox instead! It just started happening on some of BoMToons' games too. He did some research and discovered it's related to Internet Explorer 8. Just use FireFox instead!
Thanks BoMToons! You the man!

Mechanical beings from the future are attacking, the undead is rising and aliens are also getting in on the act. Do you have what it takes to brawl your way through all 3 of these threats and save the world?

Arrow keys to move
A - Attack
S - Jump
D - Ultra Mega Death attack
P - Pause
Q - Toggle Quality

This game might be a bit slow on slow computers.
Try changing the quality to low with Q.
Oh, and it runs best in Mozilla Firefox!


What the hell is this?

The original concept was there... but not the gameplay. This is your typical button-mash the A button to attack with the occasional pressing of D to start an instant kill move. This gets very boring extremely fast. The lack of some sort of block button also ruins the gameplay, especially when enemies corner you. Music was nice, graphics, not so much. The intro was very well animated, but raises expectations for a beautifully animated game, which it clearly wasn't.

Like I said before, the concept was there, but there is MAJOR room for improvement.


a few pointers..

1. Power-ups! where are the powerups?? maybe a bottle of moonshine to make you invincible for 15 seconds...a bottle of hot sauce to make him shoot fireballs from his crowbar

2. Weapons. Unlockable weapons are nice but you gotta have something more powerful in the field to really down your enemies..upgrades are nice too like a titanium crowbar or dual wield hatchets to lop off limbs.

3. Clustering. Alot of these enemies cluster around you..there is no escape from this..you need to add the E key for escape button..roll out..quick spin attack something to break free.

4. Add some cameos like Bruce Campbell for example..he doesn't have to fight but a humorous line or two would be nice

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I liked the idea of the game and the musik. But i could not get to kill at least on zombie because whenever i started he just went to the other end of the screen and i couldn`t control him.
Im sorry for being negativ but its true.

Needs work.

I think this game is difficult even on the easy setting. I can't even get past a first level, I don't even know if this game has levels or not.Also, I get hit even if I'm far away from hits, so evading them is kind of difficult. And I can't replenish my health, I only got that chance once or twice, with an item that doesn't even replenish your health points completely. Usually, I like side-scrolling fighters, but this one isn't for me. Graphics wise it's okay, that's why I'm giving it 2 points.


Why is so much aesthetic and innovative effort being put into flash games that harbour horrible controls?

First Zombie Exploder, and now this. Test your work before you upload and render everything you've done useless.

I also agree with the said statement below.

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