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Portalen Showdown

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Author Comments


*Portalen 2 is out!*

--- The tournament in Portalen Showdown 1 and 2 is the same, the "finals" are actually Semi-Finals and the winners of the Semi-finals (Portalen Showdown 1 & 2) will meet in Portalen Showdown 3. ---

*I will respond to all reviews.*

*- Sorry, atm you can't go back from the Backgrounds page. You'll simply have to re-load the flash, ha^^ Apologizes. Will fix it.

*- Updated - The Characters backgrounds are now in there.
Hey, guys! I'm Endroil! I made this for fun, to show my friends at school.
I took the characters names from them - and their personality (kind of).
But the background stories have nothing to do with them (mostly). Well,

Yes, It's made in a crappy way... for fun!

Total Runtime: 3 min and 29 secs.

**Try to guess the winner by reading their background stories at the start, for extra fun!^^**

Music is "Downfall" by Children of Bodom. I apologize for the bad quality, but the music is good.

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Umm ok

I reviewed your other submission like 2 mins ago. This almost makes no sense to me. this is the first of the 2 right?? If so then what happened to the second one ya just get tired of making it and Finished it quickly? I like this one way better and it looked alot more crisp. Go off this one not the second one. i liked this layout better. Good Job mate!

Endroil responds:

It's fine if you like this layout more, It's a matter of preferance, I will probably use a layout different to both this one and the 2nd ones for Portalen Showdown 3 - but what do you mean "I got tired of making it and finished it quickly"?
I can't see what you're geting at there, If It was finished too quickly - atleast It wasnt intentional, but keep in mind It's still just the SEMI-Finals, so no long "ending" was needed.

Thank you for reviewing!


That was pretty cool, I will say. It was a great original idea, something you could've done differently, was to change the music played during every round. That one track was a very good choice as fighting music, but it got old. Also, the animation was good, but I have this feeling thing it could've been better. Besides that, the length of the movie was decent, the content was "Surprisingly entertaining" just as cerebus1 said, and yeah. Good job, I'm looking foward to seeing the next movie you create, because this one was very nice.

Endroil responds:

Thank you very much.

I agree on the music, for the sequel I'm considering to change it entirely, but perhaps It'll stay the same way. We'll see! Thanks for pointing that out, though.

Original idea? Yeah, personally I love this kind of flash (especially If It's better made than mine^^) - a "stick" tournament, but there's very few around :(

The length - Yeah, but for some selfcritism I believe I should have made Dennis Versus Mattias longer (10 secs, lol :D, but Mattias was an obvious winner that fight!) - and the Finalé should definitely have been longer. I mean, It's the finalé, right?
And the very last round included in my selfcritism - Jack VS Lukas, was pretty short, and nothing much happened. Jack is me ^^

SURPRISINGLY ENTERTAINING, EH? Yeah, I know, I thought it was going to go to hell, but here it is - and Hell will have to do without it!

Surprisingly entertaining.

For crudely animated spots, I was entertained enough to keep watching. I would be interested in seeing less stick deathmatches and more epic spot fights.

It isn't entirely clear what's going on at the menu screen. As seanfranco1 already stated, this needs a loading screen. Counting on newgrounds users to wait around on a still frame is going to lose you views. Period.

Endroil responds:

Thank you for replying!

Yes, I agree, It should have a loading screen! The sequel definitely will - and you're right, It loses me views and score!

Yeah, the flash animation wasnt supposed to be very good, but it was also supposed to be rather entertaining, so I guess I made a good job on that point.

The point of the flash is to be a "stick deathmatch" so to speak (uh, balls), and if you don't like it, you don't like it - I guess ;(

Needs a loading screen.

it really needs a loading screen if it had 1 it would be a lot more enjoyable. rather than just taking the guess if its doen.

Endroil responds:

Well, you don't really need to "guess". You could just click "Play", and it will play as soon as its done, just you'll have to wait at the screen saying "5".

It doesnt crash, as you might've thought...
Thanks anyway!



Endroil responds: