Piracy In The Clouds

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I made this for my beginner flash game class. I realize there are bugs and flaws, but it was the third game that I ever completed with a minimal knowledge of coding and whatnot.



i know its just a beginer game as u said. but it was bad. i know everyones a critic.


the game started out good but then it ended. it would be nice if you added more content like different weapons and items. It would also be nice if it was longer.

Nothing I havent seen before

These type of games are all over the internet. This one is not as good as a lot Ive played. All though, it wasnt that bad. Trust me i have seen a lot worse. Just add more detail, like make the bullets not balls, and the explosion not the flash extras explosion and something you made yourself. Just keep it up you will get better.

Fix the bugs

Honestly, I do like horizontal shooters, and, games like this, where you have to avoid the enemies flying at you.

With that said, I think the worst enemy in the game is, in fact, the game itself. I would be avoiding the birds and, without any notice, the ship begins to tip and explodes. This has happened several times, as I had to make sure it wasn't an isolated incident.

I woudl say it may be something with the hit boxes, or, maybe the fact that if a bird flies too close your ship will explode as the wind is deadly.

Anyway, it is incredibly frustrating and annoying. 2/10 and 1/5

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2.08 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2009
2:29 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight