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*Note* No preloader. Its 445KB
This is just a short movie I made as an anniversary present for my girlfriend. I spent a whole, maybe 5 days solid working on it? More or less 4. In this movie I experimented with some different things that I've not done in finished work before, and I think it turned out alright. lots of FBF animation, a few hundred not-so-fancy tweens, and some maybe a lil fancy here or there.

My other flashes are still in the works, though it would look like I will probably NOT be completing them within my lifetime, however don't let that at all stop you from telling me the things I need to improve upon.

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what wam-bo already said

he's right this isn't some lame site this is for video's for fun and gaming this aint a dating site or something like that

SuperAscendedZAIN responds:

your IQ isnt so high is it? Newgrounds is about flash animations that are created by people. This fits into that, just because the subject matter of the flash isnt something you like, doesnt mean it doesnt belong.

what i don't get is

how is this your "anniversary" gift. if you've only been together for 123 days? and like 16 weeks er whatever, i mean, an anniversary is 56 weeks, which is 365 days, so this is like a monthaversary present, and all those "..." moments were kind of annoying, and i mean it's great that this is just a gift for one person, and like who are we to judge something you made for someone we don't know, but why would you submit this to the internet? you submit to the internet to show the world, and if you only wanna show one girl, you shoulda just shoved it onna flash drive and took it to her house, or e-mailed it to her

SuperAscendedZAIN responds:

4 month anniversary: Yes, they happen.

The pauses where for dramatic effect, though I'll agree they where a bit... meh.

"but why would you submit this to the internet?" Submit it for its animation technique, and such. I dont just want one person to see something i've made. I want many people to se it, and to critique it. Who its for doesnt matter, what matters is the situation, and the execution.

Good Gift

Very good, even tough the animation is the "fancy" is a very good gift
I hope she liked it

SuperAscendedZAIN responds:

Yes, she did. The only real fancy animation was the twirling box.. and the writing of the letters. That part took me the most time..
glad you liked it~

Im a sap...

I hate to say it, but that was cheesy.. very very cheesy.. but at the same time, I loved it, even if it seemed a little cliche, Hope you and your girl have a beautiful future ahead, and I wish you both infinite happiness =)

SuperAscendedZAIN responds:

Cliche and cheesy dont even begin to describe it lol. She loves that sorta stuff though, so it worked.
glad you enjoyed it as well :)


how sweet.
now that I have destroyed my already weak rep., I have to say this is pretty cool man.
Animation's not bad but the music was a tad quiet. Otherwise this is really nice.
Good Job and congragulations.

SuperAscendedZAIN responds:

Glad the animation worked out for you, as for the music volume, are you sure your sound settings are turned down? It was made with wave output at max and normal volume at max... But i didnt turn down the track at all, and when i cut it down, i kept it at the same level. In any case, glad you liked.

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3.18 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2009
6:14 AM EST