FinalWay Resistance Test

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*horror shjooter game in this resistance base test ... this is only 50% of the game (boss not included)*

This is only 50% of my new game but i want to post a preview to have comments and i want to have help
whit my scripts and if some one have idea to get my game better ... because i want to make a big story whit finalway and every one need to start somewhere ... i need help to start leaning flash because this is my 2nd game ever that i have made and i want to be better for the story starter.

this is only one part of the story. and this is not the begioning.

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The game was okz everything good but..........the doors and the maps are driving me crazy....I hope you will make a better game in the future AFTER upgrading this game! =) Good luck

quakeman responds:


The Good and the Bad

I'll start off with what I liked first. The best thing this game has going for it is the atmosphere. The creepy music and flashlight makes for a very cool effect. The animation and graphics are nice. You have a solid start on a game.

The bad stuff is that it's disorienting and difficult to know where to go, so there's no clear path to victory. Maybe disorientation is part of the challenge, but it's confusing and the frustration of knowing which doors to go through kind of broke some of the atmosphere created. Also, I'm not sure if the hp system is working. Will there be awesome battles implemented with hp pickups to mix up the gameplay? I think the boss battle will be cool if there's some sort of power ups involved.

Overall I loved the style of the game. I hope you keep working on it and that it can turn into what you want it to. I know it's tough to program games.

quakeman responds:

thaks for comments ^w^


Fix some of the bugs in your game before submitting next time.


Hey. So don't be offended by the one. I always give uncompleted projects ones. Anyway, this game shows a lot of promise. One thing you may want to consider is to show the bullets travelling. This makes it easier to aim and, imo, adds a certain feel to shooting in a top view game that is somewhat necessary. Also, The landscapes are pretty well made but, once again this is just my opinion, I think the hp bar would be better if it were just one solid color. Good luck.


that was okay for a preview kinda thing, i think you should make it to where you can see the projectile come out of the gun though...and where it hits an object (like the wall)

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Nov 16, 2009
10:50 PM EST