Che (part 4)

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Yo. I've not submitted anything for a while, so here you go something from uni. I made this for fun after getting the idea the other morning while in the shower. That day I printed n cut out my stencil, the next day I painted & animated it - on my shower wall.

The idea is basically how the image of Che Guevara is eradicating, its just an image nowadays - iconic nonetheless - but iconic of what? Ignorant rebellion? Most people (like myself) need to scratch beneath the surface to see what's there.

I guess you'd class this as stop motion animation?

Music recorded by me and my friend this morning, a few sounds used from the free sound project (thanks to Sikoses & Corsica_S)

It's a shame to say it - because youtube is slowly devolving, being taken over by adverts and such, but you can see a higher quality version on Youtube- http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=IqJU2zQPX1Y


Nice idea

It's amazing how people still believe the same bullshit that has been taught since his dead; a murderer, an anarchist, a bad seed. Fot those who say that Fidel and Che made what Cuba is now let me say that Che had never agreed with fidel's autoritarism to cubans, he just wanted to free Cuba from been USA's playground. It's a shame that the world is coming down and people prefer to disagree instead of unite, take out your stupidity and learn from other cultures, ideas and people

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The People Are Stupid

Are you serious, Che was a revolutionary. He didn't tell propaganda. . Do yourself a favor and read outside your comfort zone. If Che is a murder so is FDR, Washington and any other American hero who has faught in a war. Some men's murders are other men's heroes. Pick up a book idiot!

cool concept! however

Man the stop motion is sick, however... you should be aware of the Che Guevara. A bum that travelled all the way through south america, spreading Anti-American word to ignorant towns and just seeding anarchy. He and castro made what Cuba is now, a piece of shit were there is no freedom of expression and where private property doesnt exists (you wouldnt have the computer you used to make this animation, not even the clay you used). Thanks to him we have Colombian Guerrillas that only seek terrorism, power and drugs. They killed and abducted one of my family members. Thanks to people like him we have Chavez, Venezuela's president, an idiotic gorilla that has silenced many and keeps getting power through force, and all the Narcotraffic.... thats your glorious Che.

Words from a true hispanic.

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And yeah, it's a shame how people wears icons and symbolism without having a clue what they mean... Tell me, i live in Argentina, and here... ironic as it is, che guevara is like vogue. (in most of cases, of course)

I really like the idea of the animation, and the technique you used.

Keep up the good work!... (and sorry for my bad english)

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First of all the idea of stop motion animation in a shower curtain is brilliantly simple, props to that. Second of all I actually am a supporter of Che Guevara- as in the person, not the image. It literally pisses me off when I see someone wearing him and have no idea who he is. He fricken saved people from the capitalist, power hungry tyrants who had ruled Cuba before

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Nov 16, 2009
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