Che (part 4)

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Yo. I've not submitted anything for a while, so here you go something from uni. I made this for fun after getting the idea the other morning while in the shower. That day I printed n cut out my stencil, the next day I painted & animated it - on my shower wall.

The idea is basically how the image of Che Guevara is eradicating, its just an image nowadays - iconic nonetheless - but iconic of what? Ignorant rebellion? Most people (like myself) need to scratch beneath the surface to see what's there.

I guess you'd class this as stop motion animation?

Music recorded by me and my friend this morning, a few sounds used from the free sound project (thanks to Sikoses & Corsica_S)

It's a shame to say it - because youtube is slowly devolving, being taken over by adverts and such, but you can see a higher quality version on Youtube- http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=IqJU2zQPX1Y


che is the best

even if youre not a communist, you should look up to him
he fought against all odds to free his country from an immense ammount of misery

Che a Pop Diva but not an ICON

I really get you on this even in Mexico I see kids on network television wearing his face as if he stands for a cool picture and nothing more. A very important figure of people uprising to make a change now is nothing more than a pop image which people think is cool rather than his legacy.

being a communist from NY

I fully understand what you are saying

"Viva La Revoluzion!"

I know what you mean.

I really have noticed more people around wearing shirts with the image of Che, and when I ask them what they know about Che they just say, "I just bought it because it looks cool." Sure some actually know who he was but not many. But what can i say, I live in a community where image is only whats cared about. He's just an image these day for other companies to gain money.

Good job on the stop animation, and I really like the painting. Great Job, I hope for many more animations, 10 stars!

Poor Che...

He just wanted freedom. Too bad the ends don't justify the means, though.
As far as I'm concerned Che = terrorist, although I'll cut him some slack since he lived way back when Cuba was a hellhole.

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Nov 16, 2009
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