Che (part 4)

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Yo. I've not submitted anything for a while, so here you go something from uni. I made this for fun after getting the idea the other morning while in the shower. That day I printed n cut out my stencil, the next day I painted & animated it - on my shower wall.

The idea is basically how the image of Che Guevara is eradicating, its just an image nowadays - iconic nonetheless - but iconic of what? Ignorant rebellion? Most people (like myself) need to scratch beneath the surface to see what's there.

I guess you'd class this as stop motion animation?

Music recorded by me and my friend this morning, a few sounds used from the free sound project (thanks to Sikoses & Corsica_S)

It's a shame to say it - because youtube is slowly devolving, being taken over by adverts and such, but you can see a higher quality version on Youtube- http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=IqJU2zQPX1Y


Oh man

Che Guevara....biggest failure of a revolutionary of all time. It's one thing to stand for something, it's another thing to actually make it happen. Like mice putting a bell on a cat.

Decent movie, though


I agree with your statement. It seems that everyone is really quick to throw his image on a tee shirt or a hat, and wear it around (at any college near you) but 99% of those people don't know who he is or what he stood for.

Bansky did some street art with the same opinion. Im totally not a commie, I just agree with your thoughts!

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Most just don't understand..

Che was probably the worst "revolutionary" of all time. Every revolution he was involved in ultimately failed. He was a man who tried to get by on charisma alone, and it didn't really work all that well. He was good at stirring people to action..but not good at directing it. He did however succeed at getting a lot of people killed--including himself.

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Che was iconic, now he's just an icon!

I agree with Arthur-Clue... Lots of people wear Che "stuff" perhaps not even knowing who he was or what he did! The frame by frame animation wasn't that good, but the point and message was clear.

A good point well made

I think you've hit a nail on the head there. You see people walking around with T-shirt with Ché on them, or posters etc.

Most people understand the icon, but not the man or what he represented.

Most Americans are sadly addled by their 'anti-communism' propoganda teachings over the last 50 years to truly understand what Ché fought for.

Far easier to say "who cares all communists must be destroyed" than to understand it.

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