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Che (part 4)

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Yo. I've not submitted anything for a while, so here you go something from uni. I made this for fun after getting the idea the other morning while in the shower. That day I printed n cut out my stencil, the next day I painted & animated it - on my shower wall.

The idea is basically how the image of Che Guevara is eradicating, its just an image nowadays - iconic nonetheless - but iconic of what? Ignorant rebellion? Most people (like myself) need to scratch beneath the surface to see what's there.

I guess you'd class this as stop motion animation?

Music recorded by me and my friend this morning, a few sounds used from the free sound project (thanks to Sikoses & Corsica_S)

It's a shame to say it - because youtube is slowly devolving, being taken over by adverts and such, but you can see a higher quality version on Youtube- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqJU2zQPX1Y

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comunista bom é comunista morto .

ScruffyMukashi is what my country calls an amadán

ScruffyMukashi so you read one book ,
this makes you an expert basicly cause whoever wrote the book told you,
thats worse than just hearing che was a murderer
you heard it from some guy you never met dipshit,
you are probably still waiting for WMDs to be found in iraq


you ignorant fools do you really think that el Che was a murderer? you only know the side of the story written in your f-ing textbooks. my people benefited from Che's actions and were able to overthrow a corrupt government. who the hell do you think knows more about this? great video shows what mass media does to icons.

escrito por un hondureño

buena animacion y el desarrollo de tu idea fue concisa y diafana, segui con el buen trabajo.
en lo personal el che es parte de una lucha onirica inquebrantable

Do you know?

Have you even read what Che did? He helped take over Cuba and on top of that he started the mass murder of the Cuban people. He would line them up and shoot them all. Is that really what the world calls a hero? Then this is a sad world that I have lost faith in. Go read a history book and see what a true monster he was.

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3.75 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2009
9:56 PM EST