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a 2012 prediction


stunning, yet aggravating.

as stating in the title, it's quite impressive; the art style, even if simple, manages to capture the audience/viewer/s on its gut, and keep them occupied, in the action.
what will happen in earth?

but... as much impressive, and great it is(it REALLY captures the essesence OF SIZES... if you get me) but, while, that menacing, and grand, and over-powering, this feeling of awe, horror, and grandeur, is flawed (or distracted? i should say, ''destroyed.by alot'') by the AWFUL SLOW MOVING of the movie.

i mean, in order to get from part A to B, it takes almost litterarry EONS 2 get there, and i only keep waiting on, what happens to the earth, and the clocks,
(why did SBC blow up the earth, if cc HQ was in it? it baffles me.)
and what gets to exist after that.

strange script, too slow, but all researchers agree on is this:
good flash. nice animation.

just needs more faster.plot/animation 5.5

Good Job

-It's pretty dramatic but it's definitely too long in some spots. The ending took absolutely forever to start unfolding and finally realize what would become of StrawberryClock after the destruction of earth.

-It's pretty well animated and gets a passing grade in my book but you probably should of paid a little more attention in your geography lessons. On the original sized earth several countries are way too large or small and then when you see the close up it's drastically off in terms of city locations.

-Review Request Club

Faster pacing

A pretty good flash in my opinion, but it is too long winded. We can see StrawberryClock coming up behind the earth for what feels like 3 years until that scene is finally over.

A slightly faster pace wouldn't destroy the tension here, in fact it would allow tension to be build up. Now it's like: "Oh, what's happening there?" *wait* "Oh, nothing..."

Maybe a few short scenes that show people's reaction on earth would also be a nice addition to this flash.

{ Review Request Club }

Loved the music

Watchmen does have an amazingly profound soundtrack and you've used Dr. Manhattan's Mars / History montage music to wonderful effect, as the Earth is destroyed, by StrawberryClock in a few years time, leaving the giant fruit to float off into space.

There is genuine emotion here, only held back by the relatively crude forms that some of the animation takes - you've got a great chance to take it to another level and just tighten up on the drawing style - Madagascar shouldn't be that big, the UK is missing, that sort of thing, but it's easily rectified, by something such as tracing an image of the world.

Perhaps some sort of vocals were needed there, just as a punchline with StrawberryClock floating away "Where did everybody go?" for example, would have delivered a classy laugh.

[Review Request Club]

Some things to better...

The animation is really simple, is just some symbols moving, and a music in the background, nothing in special. For the explosions, I think you should draw by yourself, not use these sprites, if you're not so good with this, try to ask for someone in the art portal of Newgrounds. Your story is like a mysterious thing, like, a strawberry destroy the Earth and doesn't know where he goes, you should put more things on it, but like just say this keep that doubts in the air, this was interesting.

The concept was too simple, you should add more things to the menu, or just better some graphics like the title. The animation as I said is just symbols moving, you could add glows or some brightness for the planet, to be more realistic.

Overall >> this need a more constructive story and more realistic graphics on it, but I'm not saying to you do everything perfect, you just should add more details, the drawing from the clock striking the Earth was really good, nice job!

~Review Request Club~

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4.28 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2009
6:34 PM EST