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Bloons Tower Defense 4

rated 4.43 / 5 stars
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Strategy - Tower Defense

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Nov 15, 2009 | 5:42 PM EST
  • Frontpaged November 16, 2009
  • Daily Feature November 16, 2009
  • Weekly 5th Place November 17, 2009

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Author Comments

BTD4 features improved graphics, loads of new and original tower types and tons of upgrades for each tower type. Heaps of tracks, save games, career mode, sandbox mode and apopalypse mode. Bloons Tower Defense 4 will give you almost unlimited replay value.

Also included is optional MochiCoins premium content featuring lots of extra tracks and special booster upgrades like double boomerangs, exploding darts, and double cash!

Saved games require a MochiGames login - it's free and trustworthy, we know the Mochi guys well. The pay-for content is completely optional and extra and is not required to enjoy the game as we intended it.




Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome Game!

Truly on of the best on newgrounds. I really don't know why everyone is complaining about the money thing. If they don't want it don't buy it. I like the freeplay mode after winning. However I have one complain, where's the "change quality button" ? It generated so much lag for me that I had to switch windows during rounds just to get by.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Top Class

If possible, I'd vote everyday till it get a 5.00 score, its a major improvement since the last Bloon game, which I loved as well. The amount and quality of work gone into this is evident. The gradual difficulty curve, the upgrades, the ranking which unlocks new powerups, damn its insane this is a flash game. To Ninjakiwi, as in DOTA, they say "God Like!".

I seriously need to add this to a whole bunch of whiny shits:

1) You can play the game as it is, for free, and enjoy it PERFECTLY FINE. I've nearly cleared every map without the premiums and i had tons of fun.

2) The premium upgrades are COMPLETELY OPTIONAL. They don't screw up the game in ANY SINGLE WAY if you do not get them.

3) What is wrong with developers PUTTING AN OPTION FOR PEOPLE TO SUPPORT THEM? YOU CAN CHOOSE YOU DICKS! Stop being hypocritical going all "I'm a huge fan of Bloons but just because you give me a choice to support you I hate you now." WTF is that?

4) If you like Ninjakiwi as much as you say you do, then there is no wrong to show them a little appreciation for their quality works by donating A TEENSY BIT. If one or two bucks means so much to you then did you rob the bank to buy your computer?

To the rest of newgrounders, play and enjoy this god damn solidly good game!


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Rated 5 / 5 stars

It's finally on newgrounds!

Well, I love this game! It's awesome.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


You must like taking up space i know space is good but while i was reading yours i forgot to play the game and fell asleep if you want to say somthing make it short and simple like STOP GOING OFF BOUT PAYING FOR IT FUCKING DEAL WITH IT see short and simple :3


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I created an account on Newgrounds solely to give my fellow reviewers some feedback on this Mochicoins issue.

To those that have taken personal insult, have "lost respect with Ninjakiwi", who are simply shocked that anyone would DARE to try to make a few bucks off months of creative work, and who will be playing this game for hours for free but still feel the right to insult the people who created it, let me say this: I'm sorry, but you are all simply idiots. Selfish, undeserving, childish idiots who do not understand the way the real world works and most likely have not ever attempted to make a living doing something creative. (No, pizza delivery doesn't count)

For the record, I have never developed a game (or anything else for that matter) for the web, don't know anyone at NG, MCoins or Ninjakiwi - and I almost never write messages on boards like these as I know they will most likely fall on deaf ears, but after reading some of the feedback here, I felt like someone needed to step in here with a dose of reality. I do, however, own 7 businesses - each one of which takes less work to run that it takes to develop a game like Bloons 4 - and each one of which, I assure you, generates more annual income that anything these developers are making selling upgrades for their games for $1 or $2 each.

Good quality creative work deserves to be compensated for. Indeed, it must be compensated for. Otherwise, eventually, those creative people will stop doing good work. The people who have written the negative reviews will one day, I'm sure, try to find work doing something they actually like to do. When that happens, and they realize how hard it often is to make a living, I hope they will think back to the time when they lambasted these developers for daring to charge $1 for completely optional additional content - content for a great game that is completely free to play if one so chooses.

To be honest, I'm shocked by how many great developers make great games and get paid next to nothing for it. I'm happy personally - it lets me play these games for free - but I have no idea how long this can go on. It's hard to make a great game - just go to any of the other gaming websites and look at the submissions before they are filtered for quality - 99% of them are junk. How much longer do you expect groups like Ninjakiwi to do their work for basically free?

Hell, they put out a great game that is very popular and let you play it completely for free. They make it clear that you don't have to buy anything to get the full fun of the game. And instead of people saying "thank you for making a great game for me to play for free - maybe I'll support you by spending $1 on the game" they get a bunch of whiny, self-involved jerks ripping them apart.

You want to be entertained for free? How about you turn off the computer, go outside and play a game of basketball with your friends? Or better yet, make your own game if you think it's so easy that no one should be paid to do it.

To those that say "Charging for a flash game is insane" - I'm guessing you recently purchased the new Call of Duty for $60. A creative effort that results in a game is all the same regardless of the platform. If COD was $0 but they asked you to pay $1 for a special gun, would you be so pissed at them?

To those that say "Anyone who spends $ here doesn't know what do to with their $" - Is $1.25 (the effective cost of an upgrade) really that much to you? You haven't spent $1.25 on anything dumber than supporting a developer that makes a game you love and have played for 10+ hours? How about the last bad movie you saw that you paid $10 for or maybe the $5 popcorn?

To the developers - you made a wonderful game and I've enjoyed playing all of the Bloons series - well done, sirs. Obviously, not everyone is so negative - you do have the #1 ranking. I'm going to shoot you an e-mail. Give me your address and I'll mail you $100 to cover 100 people here that can't be bothered to support your efforts.

Cheers all. -Paul

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