Showin The Ropes

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My friend Refresh is showing me the ropes about the Lock Legion.


Nothing wrong with this one

Interesting interpretation of Locks with the rising keyhole. Nice looking lock characters, perfectly good VA, with nicely timed keyhole movement.
Simple, but mildly amusing plot/joke. Nice looking background too. I hope you do go on to a second part where you actually show us your interpretation of what looking round the Legion would be like. If you continue with this quality, I think I would enjoy it. If you want me to beta it, before submission, put it on somewhere like deviantArt and PM me.
Best Wishes to the Legion from the D&S

showing rope^^

LOL i had to watch it a couple of times before i got it :3
(btw this is Darklock)

That was it?

It was short.

RefreshLock responds:

So was your comment. Also I plan to continue this and make it longer. This is just my friend's very first flash. So of course it's short.


It doesn't have a purpose and it's pretty dumb if you asked me. The voice acting was pityful and the plot was really lame. And at LEAST credit the makers of Dragon Ball Z for the dragon ball design. (I know it's dumb but you never know when you're getting sued)

RefreshLock responds:

The purpose was to make (DragonBall's) first flash. Also I extremely doubt that the creators of DBZ would even see any of this and if if they did sue over it. Also the voice acting was just for fun it's not like we're professionals or anything.

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Nov 15, 2009
3:18 PM EST
Comedy - Original