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WARNING1: yes, this is a SkyRoads remake!

WARNING2: Sometimes it presents some control freezes, but it seems to happen only with IE... try using Firefox or Chrome!

HiRoads is an addictive 3D platform game starring a jumping ball.
You have to run as fast as you can through 27 unique levels set up in breath taking landscapes.
Be careful: don't crash into obstacles or you are going to explode like a bubble!

The game also features 9 amazing chip music tracks.

Visit www.hiroads.com! Join the community to play more levels and build your own!


When you are on level selection screen, you can go back to menu by pressing ESC key!

You can play any of the 18 levels: move with arrow keys in level selection area to select the one you want to play!

If you can't jump with SPACE when pressing UP and LEFT or RIGHT ARROWS, use Z or X keys instead!


ARROW KEYS to control the ball

SPACE, Z or X to jump

M and S toggle ingame music and sfx



let me just start out with WHAT THE FUCK. i was thinking about the game skyroads about a month ago and couldn't remember the name of it. i used to play this game all the time as a child. you sir have impeccable timing and have made me weep with joy.

are some/all of these levels modeled after the original? i somehow distinctly remember wanting to pull my hair out on some of these levels.

i'd give you a million/5 if i could, this game has brought back tons of nostalgia

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MonkeyOdyssey responds:

No, all the levels are original, but I plan to port some of skyroads' on hiroads.com...

btw skyroads is freeware, you can download it directly on bluemoon's website!

For best results, submerge in Liquid Oxygen

This addictive 3D platformer is quite simple yet satisfyingly difficult. While The physics take a while to get used to, they work well and provide a dimension of challenge when traveling on the paths. The levels are well designed, challenging the player to carefully plan out their route while making last minute decisions to avoid death (if balls could die and dream..)

There are problems with the game, mostly around the presentation. The 3D visuals look great, bringing a surreal look to the game. But, since it is in 3D, there are problems in how the player traverses the level. Some of the scenery blocks parts of the path, giving no indication if there is a gap or low ledge hidden behind these higher ledges.

The color scheme works well, cue the player to possible routes and pitfalls but works against the player since the colors don't shift or change color teh closer you get to them. This makes it harder to discern the distance between two points, leading to many mess ups.

The oddest problem has to be the power it takes to run this game. While perusing the reviews below, one keeps coming up: lag. This is not a knock on the game as it is better for it to be made well. This is more of a warning both players and game makers: Just because your computer can't run it doesn't mean the game is bad, it just isn't accessible to a wider audience. By making the game more advanced, many thing can be done with it, be it better aesthetics or gameplay. But, with the advance of technology, there has to be a balance between gameplay and graphics. This game teeters on that fine line.

Good game play but hindered by mild problems inherent to a 3D interface.

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lol 3D?

and i thought that flash games should only be in sidescroll.
this is not that bad either.

you guys this game owns

if you can't even make level 3 then yeah come one
i'm in level 14 i think it isn't that hard
good job man i love it

Bad controls.

I can't even beat the 3rd level because of the random jump delay. Whenever I press the spacebar I need to wait 5 seconds before it actually registers.

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3.75 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2009
12:50 PM EST
Action - Other