DASH it!

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Music video for Agemixer theme "DA SHIT" yes, I've changed the title.
It contrasts with all the violent stuff I've made before and looks kind of positive also it's more abstract and assosiative than other movies here, but if you'll look deeper it even has a plot.

Also I don't know what else should I write here...

yesh, it contains fullbody samurays, 3d vector moving forms, some funny cute characters and, yeah... sticks...

Enjoy seeing this.

somethings a little wrong with the preloading line, so wait till 5,8 mb will be downloaded (pease)


That was DA SHIT XD

Amazing animation style!! I really liked this =)


This is AMAZING. The music is awesome, the animation is smooth, and is very complex! In all, this is top notch. You should make more videos like this.


WOW this is way to intense to even be logical as flash!!! i mean i know for a fact that flash uses 2 dimensional figures! but you turned it 3D, amazing!!! you gotta tell me the program you used!! if it was a normal flash maker, dude that makes it even more amazing.

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I smell TALLENT!!!

I couldn't keep my eyes off the screen.

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That was very great!

This was so great; the music was also freaking great! It was very great how you used stick figures and mixed it with un-stick figured characters (Forgot what there we called! Is it three-dimensional or two-dimensional?) It was also great beats; I just loved everything you have done. The graphics for the whole animation was very perfect, I once dreamt about it. It went like this, "I once made a music video with some cool and funky which sounded like this. I also got Weekly Third Place and a Daily Feature."

Awesome idea on the quality settings! Other then the shit I just talked about, this was a very fun music video that makes me so happy that I got addicted to it. It was also great when the guy was rockin' with his guitar in the game Guitar Hero. It is very truly amazing how you could make a new submission days ago; also it was great how you could make stick figure animations. I also hope next time you can make a RPG fight with some great stick animators out there....

This music video was full with creative ideas, man...how great can a music video be? This music video was as great as Grandma's Cheese. As for the graphics again, it was very great with the Japanese words and stuff, with some un-stick figured guy, combined in with some stick figure people. Like how great was that? The backgrounds and scenes were well done. Good job, hope you make another music video that is very entertaining just like this! :)

Why was the music video called "DASH it!?" Isn't it supposed to be called "DA Shit!?" But oh well, and the beeping sounds at the end was very weird. Why does it beep? It makes you get a little sick of it beeping, which I would like to call "Annoying." (No offense) But it's OK; you have made a lot of great and awesome effort to this. The song was stuck in my head over an hour or two! But anyways, I hope you keep up the great work! :)

It was a really awesome music video because the effort you've done into this was so great that I will share it with thousands of friends that is on the web. The only two weird things that were in other paragraphs were that the title was supposed to be called "DA Shit!" and not "DASH it!" and the second thing that was weird was the beeping noises in the end was a little annoying (no offense) but it was a great choice of music, it was a total improvement.

I love your stick figure works. It is very great. This music video is as great as the animation, Life in Portal: Madness, they have very great stuff and this one was the same. This is one of the animations that cheers me up. When I'm sad, I always watch or play animations/games that always cheers me up. Like in other reviews, I say the same exact words. I am happy to say, you are my new favorite author! And make sure next time you make another entertaining music video! You are an awesome stick animator! Ok so anyways since this is the end of my review, I usually show you my overall scores so now here are my overall scores:

Graphics: 10/10
Music: 10/10
Audio: 10/10
Concept: 10/10
Creatively: 100/10

Very great job!

This is the end of my review and wasting lots of characters so good bye! And I hope you make another music video with a Daily Feature and a Weekly Third Place! So once again good bye!

-X Atomic Boy X

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4.42 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2009
3:16 AM EST
Music Video
  • Frontpaged November 14, 2009
  • Daily Feature November 15, 2009
  • Weekly 3rd Place November 17, 2009