Spectro Destroyer

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Spectro Destroyer is a Puzzle-Platformer with a retro 8-bit look containing a Level Editor too.
You are in a alien base and you have to pass through all the rooms.
To make this you need to kill all the enemies in each room.
Each enemy has a color and can be destroyed only with a Laser-Bullet of
the same color.
So you will have to shoot on the colored mirrors in the room to transform the
color of your laser from white to whatever other color you need.
Thanks to the level editor, people will be able to create theire own levels and send them to friends
copying and pasting the code.
Move it with WAD or Arrows, Shoot with the mouse.

This game has got Achievements, HighScores and Bonus to buy.
Togheter with the sponsor we will decide what to put in the shop section.
We can use GamerSafe.Com to create microtransactions and have people buy some bonuses like:
- Level Editor
- Unlock all levels.
- Premium Levels (Pack of new levels).
- Others.

The Achievements in the game are:
- Complete a level with one bullet.
- Make a level.
- Play a custom level.
- Kill all the monsters without walking or jumping.
- Kill after the bullet bounce on 2 mirrors.
- Kill after the bullet bounce on 3 mirrors.
- Kill after the bullet bounce on 4 mirrors.
- Kill after the bullet bounce on 5 mirrors.
- Master bouncer (Kill after more than 5 bounces).
- more can be created.

The HighScores are:
- Maxium bounce before a kill.
- Maximum Level reached.
- Maximum High score.


Innovative color-matching physics-based platformer

This is a great game. The three game mechanics I mentioned in the title of my review were put together really well in this game - and I think it's great that everyone is given a chance to use their creativity in the game through clever solutions, and even with the level editor. Of course, the well-done pixel art shows that a lot of work and dedication went into the making of this game. It's great to see Flash game production values rise over the years, and this game represents well what a good, engaging, and current Flash game is supposed to be. Good work, and I'm looking forward to more games from you! :D

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3.86 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2009
1:02 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle