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ARROW KEYS: Move Blok | SPACE: Deploy Bomb | MOUSE: Menu Navigation

Blokotnik is gonna make your face explode. It's one of those games you'll like a lot...if you're smart. It's not your typical old-school puzzle game. Rack up stupid-silly-fresh high scores and rank in the leaderboards.

Here's how to play, but the biggest challenge to your brainparts is figuring out all the secrets:

Bloks fall in from 4 directions, and you have to land ON TOP OF other bloks already on the board. Here's the thing: what's considered ON TOP OF changes for each drop of a blok. For instance, if bloks come in from the right, you have to land on the rightmost side of any existing blok. You can't attach to the sides of bloks, or you'll pass right by and fall off the board, resulting in a penalty blok.

This game is a real challenge, but once you've learned how it's played, you'll get hooked. Stop by www.bloktonik.com/howto.h tml for detailed play instructions with illustrations.


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i'll tell you why,it has LOGIC,it not only has logic,but requires logic,making it only as great as the concept is,and the concept is pretty freaking awesome,which automatically makes the game an epic win on all counts,if you cant understand logic,dont complain because you cant play the game,RoboTube did an excellent job on this game,keep it up guys,and keep dishing out awesomeness

RobotubeGames responds:

I couldn't have put it any better. LOGIC! It's the game for minds that are mighty!


This is probly the worst puzzle game i've ever played on Newgrounds the controls suck the way the block moves is confusing as all heck the gfx are sub par

RobotubeGames responds:

Aw snap...I'm sorry you hated this so much.

Very good game

I liked it a lot. It helps to think of it as 4way tetris or simply as a 4way matching game

RobotubeGames responds:

Glad you liked it. Yes, orienting yourself to the four directions is the initiation period. Once you pass that barrier, you can really get into it.


A very addicting and awesome game that kills time, keep it up.

RobotubeGames responds:

Aw yeah...your brain shows it has fine taste.

Something new!

It's a new and interesting game, but I would recommend a few changes:

A Put some kind of instructions in the game. A tutorial would be great. ( I didn't see one but if there is one that I missed, just ignore this.)

B Make a quick retry button. It's somewhat annoying to have to go thru the high score screen and main menu and re type your name every time you die. Would be nice to just click "Play again" or something after submitting the score.

RobotubeGames responds:

Awesome ideas, and yes, we're working on a tutorial. This game definitely needs one! Thanks for the comments, we'll implement your ideas.

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4.41 / 5.00

Nov 12, 2009
12:58 PM EST