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My Life 3: Afterbirth

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Author Comments

I love to read reviews, please write them! I want to get better, that can only be done through constructive advice! I respond to all!
This is technically a prequel to number 2, but it can still be viewed by anyone. Well, i mean anyone who can hold there food down. This one is gonna have my parents ship me off to the psych-ward. It is very bloody, but i hope you like it. I also tried to include more colors, a popular complaint in my last movies.

Go watch and vote on my other movies as well, thank you!

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Hm...that was different...

I liked this Flash a lot. The animations and drawings weren't fantastic, but I think that's the point. It was pretty demented and left me with a lot of questions and thoughts about the situation.

Good job.

Prestokey responds:

Thank you, this is just what I wanted today. I have had some issues with this, and someone enjoying it makes me very happy :)

Room for improvement

The drawings weren't bad, but their simplicity made it hard to justify the poor animation. Flipping between two images to indicate movement is a trick most people learn in the standard "Paint" program. Assuming that this wasn't produced in Paint, you should be able to do better. I think the biggest mistake beginning flash artists make is assuming that repetition will create a better product. It doesn't. If you want to get better, you have to try and improve your technique. This isn't as simple as adding a few more colors. In your case, I would suggest spending some more time establishing your drawing style. The sketch-anime (for lack of a better term) is okay, but your profile shots are horrible. You shift from a rough, cartoony style to one that tries to be more realistic, and the result is box-jaws and chasmic mouths. Profile shots are hard to do, so you need to put in even more effort to make sure they are right. Buy some drawing books, or look online - you should be able to find some helpful images. My other suggestion is harder to follow, but it will make a big difference: focus on quality, not quantity. Publishing a lot of flash productions quickly will get you noticed, but only by the people that vote blam/save. If you really want your work to get noticed, aim for the green or blue highlight. This means investing the time to produce smoothe animations and a distinct drawing style. It takes a lot of discipline, but the result is more than a number, it's a reputation.

Prestokey responds:

Thank you for being helpful, but I assure you I am improving. I have a few drawing books, but I dont find them very helpful (they are all the same, all they do is talk about drawing a stick figure and then drawing the character around it. If anyone has one that is good, give me a PM). The wiggling is supposed to give that sketchy-feeling, but i suppose it isnt working. I am trying to fall into a style, but it requires a lot of experementation and feeling around.

I do not just push out flashs every other day, I work hard on them for a few weeks. My last one (and this one) got the "green" highlight, so it is getting better. I will continue to improve, I hope you keep in touch. Thank you for the honest feedback :)

Credits & Info

3.25 / 5.00

Nov 11, 2009
1:50 PM EST