The Last Degree

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Thanks Tom for the front page!

This has been finished since, like, before summer. I worked on it for around three weeks in hopes of finishing it in time for the student showcase, but ended up missing the deadline by a full week. Just recently, though, I dusted it off and decided to fix a couple of bad (horrible) areas and submit it.

It was a test in many things for me:

-Moving away from the anime style
-More exaggerated lipsync
-Full body movement
-More focus on character emotion
-Color theory
-More versatile camera angles/movement/editing
-After Effects/Flash integration
-Sound effect/music editing

Overall it was a great learning experience. Thanks for watching!


Rocky start but has potential.

I can't say didn't like it. But from a writer's perspectve, a tiny bit more of a character introduction could have been attempted. The "joke" was also a bit weak. If that particular character is going to develop as the silent, strong type then she can't be cracking jokes. However, this is just the pilot and you have a long way to go with your casts development. Keep it up! :)


looks like it has a great story line PLZ release the next 1 soon

Very good

I thought it was an excellent video...but as previously said you can't really tell where the main character is in time when he is narrating the story. Plus names would have helped also, just to get it started since you said this was going to be a series.

Seemed like a decent start for a series

I watched it twice to give a decent review.

-Moving away from the anime style:
I can see that in the character design a little but you still have some of the "anime" styled expressions in some brief parts. I'm not sure what your trying to move away from but depending on what you're inspiration is your style will vary. Basically don't really make this one of your major things to work on. Progress in style comes naturally forcing it doesn't help.

-More exaggerated lipsync
Pretty good still need some work syncing the correct syllables but still shows you put work into it.
-Full body movement:
Noticed a little in the minor fight scene but the slowed down physics effect took away from that greatly. Might have seemed cool but it took away from the fight scene more than it added.

-More focus on character emotion:
The characters gave me a very boring impression.
I'm not sure if it was the drab voice acting that did it of the blank facial expressions but they did seem to show any emotion at all.

-Color theory:
The one is based on your own opinion depending on the mood of the story.

-More versatile camera angles/movement/editing:
Saw some in this but most of it seemed flat and 2d, You don't have to go all out with character movement to show this but instead show different perspective of the scenery.

-Sound effect/music editing:
Music choice seem biased based on your own liking. Try thinking more about the series and implement diverse genres of music would fit in because audio can be a big part of animation. (IMO instrumentals fit better, music is filled with messages and putting lyrics in the back of animation mixes the audio composers messages with your own, unless your trying to send the same.message)

Overall it was pretty ok to look at but story wise and as an introduction it didn't really progress or show anything to me to reel me in(IMO). Good work though keep up the work hopefully catch some more out of you in the future.

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Not bad.

Good animation. The voice acting and the story too some extent reminded me a little too much of Fooly Cooly.

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Nov 11, 2009
12:45 PM EST