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Beginner's 3D Portfolio

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Yes. This is my beginner's 3D art portfolio. I really am a beginner, so don't expect awesome high quality models. Expect experiments. There is in fact an easter egg in there, so go find it.

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if you can get a job with i feel extremely relieved

what's the...

purpose of this ? what you wanted to do? nothing artistic, basic animation, 0 texturing 0 shading 0 renderingn very basic modeling, failed dynamic test, if it is only for the fun ok, but by portfolio it means that you want to work in 3D? you are far away to get the lvl so continue to learn, subscribe in CGTalk or Autodesk Area, i think you work on 3DS (biped look) , do tutorials and specialize you in something, animation, modeling rendering shading ... you WON'T be able to learn ALL do what you prefer

Mariofan9 responds:

The purpose of this is on the information page.
To give a trip through a BEGINNING 3D artist's "portfolio", his work.
If I could make more than bad spelling of your review, I might be somewhat less discouraged.

Low but fair

As someone that does a fair amount of 3D stuff I can see that you are getting to grips with some of the fundamentals of 3Ds Max as you say "A Beginner's Portfolio". I think there comes a time though where you have to stop thinking about the effects and more about the content of the work, displace maps and reflective renders only go so far. I don't think anything in there is 'Really' bad but also there was nothing that stood out as 'new'. I think I spotted a few bits from tutorials and nothing wrong with that I always say to do as many as you can over and over to everyone. Well enough about that if you would like some pointers on 3D send me a message. My score may look low but I think it is fair :)

Mariofan9 responds:

A few bits from tutorials? Nope, nothing, actually. Thanks for your review, but I can make little of it except discouragement.

ok but not much of a portfolio

ok first off I'm not trying to discrage you im just saying how it is. Which is that all I saw was a mass of basic animations and images that take less then novice skill to accomplish. An I say this after recently visiting an open house to a industry and listening to a lecture from the employer were he stated "When given the choice to hire one person for an animation job and two people approach the first person who's portfolio is just one amazing animation and the other person who shows off a dozen sub-par animtions im gona choose the person with the one amazing animtion because anyone can make a pile of borring simple animations." if this one large animation that couldn't fit into this flash was your best then it should of been the only animation.

Some spesific critecs:
showing you can animate a biped is not impressive I have seen total beginners create walk cycles in 5 seconds using the biped. I would of been more impressed if you would of made your own rig or used the biped with a complex model.

rotating cubs and basic simulated physics should never be put in a portfolio if you plan to be taken seriously.

All in all I'm giving you vote of 1 and 2 instead of just zero because your hand animtions were smooth.

Mariofan9 responds:

Of course these were learning animations rather than animations made for a portfolio purpose.

I think that despite a lot of critique, you've given little reason to give me such a scathing score. though. Ouch. If you wanted to discourage me heavily, you did a good job.


What program are you using?
On another note, I did enjoy teapot man.
Good Stuff.

Mariofan9 responds: