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Old school 40k Collab



couldn't stop laughing. chaos at the end sealed it

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I kissed a SPAWN

I kissed a spawn and i liked it just hope my dark lord dont mind it! I Kissed a spawn and i liked dark sexy rituals tonigth

I kissed a slut and i hated it just hope i dont get Herpes XD
nice vid
btw Devon is right make a Dead Space colab and is funny when i saw that comment i was like OMG bcuz i was looking for the Advanced Soldier Rig on Dead Space wiki hahaha

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Good Job

There is no doubt, this is the best Warhammer 40k on Newgrounds without a doubt. Though a few jokes were lackluster or too obscure for me to fully understand. I actually just stared at the main menu screen and listened to the music ('Run Soldier Run'?) for about five minutes straight before playing the movie. My favorite part was when... ah hell, I liked almost all the shorts equally! A few more than others. All for different reasons. Who doesn't like awesome Gazelle Chaos Marines, bombing Bugs Bunny, and the opening short with the Eldar mech was a fucking loltacular. Really fast dialogue and it was still just right where I understood almost all the words.

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Let me tell you...

flashbound18 gets a straight 10/10 5/5.

Everything he did was awesome.

ok this is awesome

This ties in the Warhammer 40k serious if you havent played the DoW series or the table top game then ypu wont get it either way is really nice my favorite was the chaos soldiers trying to sneak the wall

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4.06 / 5.00

Nov 8, 2009
1:03 AM EST
Comedy - Parody