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Author Comments

Upgrade and kill your way to the top through the endless swarms of enemies in Mass Attack. 10 Waves of different enemies in total, all gradually harder than the one before. Includes global High Scoreboard, Store for upgrades, and secret level at the end.

If you have any suggestions on addition content or things to change id love to here feedback.

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You certainly brought it this time.

-The game was fun and got directly to the point.
-It had a sort of "frantic-ness" that made the gameplay entertaining.
-The deviation in the bullets kept it fresh without totalling pissing me off.
-Has a "wow" factor. Levels 3 and 4 certainly did their job making me run away from 10+ guys.
-Good music, I love good music in games and yours went well with the game.

-No reaction with the targets, it would have been nice.
-The store should have been in between rounds, i can understand how many people would have missed it on the front page.

Other than that, the game was pretty solid! Although there are a handful of games that are at a little better quality than this i.e. (Endless Zombie Rampage, and other zombie games) you certainly gave it your best try.

it takes way too many

direct hits to kill these guys.


i liked it tho needs some work.
firstly its a game u just cant get very far the first time u play it.. which is a let down because u just know while playing it the first.. second.. third.. fourth.. fith.. etc etc that u WILL have to play it again and again and again and again just to get enuff upgrades to play it.. once again and again and again.. do u see the patern? once u unlocked everything its no longer exciting and u have no desire to replay it again, so yea its fun at first tho it lacks some excitment when u play it several times and starts to become a bore,
another thing i noticed is that some enemies hit u when they are around 1 inch away from u.. (on screen) which i beleive is a bug.
pesonally what id sugest to make this more exciting is to well.. firstly allow for visual customisation of the player.. colour/shape etc etc
secondly id say to add in several weapons.. shotgun/pistol/machinegun etc etc even some landmines/grenades
umm maybe allow the player to change the backround or have it change every wave.. white is a little dull after a while.
maybe possibly add in some objects such as explosive barrels/walls or even some traps which could kill a few.
and then hmm id say to maybe up the acuracy and power of the gun at the start.. yes u need to upgrade it to get better anyways but the acuracy and power from when u first play it is awful and i can see it deter people.. almost made me wanna stop after 5 minutes.
im not sayin this is a bad game.. its decent.. tho with some more work it would be front page material :)

Tayway responds:

In options u can select which wave ud like to start on so you dont technically have to start back at the begining.

The collision detection isnt really a bug its just that all the enemies share the same collision box. Thanks for pointing that out tho.

Im glad you liked it and thanks for the feedback, it was very helpful!


you guys say theres none but you gotta click store on the main menu. Although ti should be more obvious

Tayway responds:

at least one person had the balls to enter the store and find the upgrades lol I guess ill have to put that somewhere more obvious

ehhh, its ok

it says "upgrade and kill your way to the top", but theres no upgrades, at all, so, the game gets a 4, if it avtually had upgrades i think it could be very good

Tayway responds:

check the store for the upgrades

Credits & Info

3.43 / 5.00

Nov 7, 2009
12:59 PM EST