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9000 Blocks

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I found an awsome remix of one of the greatest sayings ever, and yes it has been over done.

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As always noobs say

U sukc!lololololol
No seriously that crap means nothin' an' it was not funny at all.
but i'm sure you'll do better if you do another flash!

MegapiemanPHD responds:

Thanks for the bost of confidence.

.... sigh

its been over done "OVER 9000" times before atleast bring some deacent animation next time


You know how to put in a song and motion tween a few shapes. Incredible. Well, it's not really good animation, but it apparently took some effort. 2 for the try.

Its ok...

its ok... could have used some gradients or something to make it jump,
If this is ur first flash, then good 4 u.
If not, Stop wasting out space!! , lol.

- like tha music

MegapiemanPHD responds:

Sigh, why do I even try.