Cavern of the Evil Wizard

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This was inspired by the movie "Big" with Tom Hanks.

Games like this started my obsession with making my own games. It's purely about nostalgia. The struggle Josh Baskin had in the movie "Big" was not wanting to be a kid (frozen in childhood, unable to overcome his perceived obstacles). But all I can seem to think about now is how much I'd like to go back to my childhood and re-experience the best, most care-free time in my life.

"During the first scene I knew that the PC game [Josh Baskin] was playing [was] a metaphor for the events ... to come. The ice-melting puzzle is a metaphor for Josh being stuck in adolescence and how he wants to break free and become an adult. The Zoltar machine is his gateway into adulthood but is also a representation of childhood and innocence. In the end when Josh goes back to work on the puzzle and finds a way to melt the ice, he has learned that being a kid isn't so bad and the puzzle has been completed, therefore he can go back to being a child."

--Kayla Lukacs

Music by the band "Melt Wizard" - available here (remove spaces from URL):


too easy

you guys must have no sense of logic at all, at first i said attack, it said to check inventory, i typed inventory, it said i had a thermal pod and a sword, i said use sword, it said find something to THROW so i said throw thermal pod and whadda u know "YOU WIN"

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do you know what a thermal pod is? how to use it?

I dont know about the BIG Movie. Does the answer to the game resides by watching the movie ? I wish i could understand the game. But playing command line games can be frustrating and disgusting by trying to find useful commands in a 4 seconds battle with the wizard before he frozes you with the ICE Scepter . the commands USE, ATTACK and INVENTORY were the ones I could type with results, when you dont type the correct command this message : "I dont know what to do "
will display. I wish the authors comments would display the useful commands you can use to help people who not seen BIG to understand the game.

I guess you will laugh when the hero gets ice frozen to be a legend on the ice cave .


Thank you sooo much! I was looking and looking for a game like this after I saw BIG. Thanks. I'm looking forward to it.

You dumbass

This is the game Tom Hanks was playing in the movie 'Big'
If you 0'ers would watch that fuckin movie, you'll love this game
"Hmm....Throw...thermal pod...at...wizard..."

this game is AWESOME!

i sw big a million times, tom hanks is my favourite actor!

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2.82 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2009
3:58 PM EST
Adventure - Other