Saucer Strike

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Charge your lazurs up and lay waste to the human cities!


Fairly Pointless

Nobody attacking you, just buildingd to destroy. Great potential for an original game.


What a waste of master skills like weasel have...

the mouse sucks not mine urs

every time i go a lil to the left or right of under or above the ship its gota crack out and start moven that way just a lil bit pissing me off when i have to take it bak and it takes so long just to get one building nomatter how long i sit here and try my mouse being a lil off or the roller geting stuck pushn me across the screen or if i go off a lil of the game with the mouse a lil to the left or right it shoots me across the screen again good game shitty mouse set up work on that

A Enjoyable Little Timewaster

Graphically adequate, nothing too fancy, but everything was clear and easily identifiable.

I could perhaps suggest moving the abilities to the keyboard, as there were times when i'd find myself flying half the length of the level in an instant because my cursor was right of centre when i released the spacebar, other than that, the controls were great.

As a suggestion for development of this game, all that springs to mind is bosses really.

An idea that popped into my mind was rival aliens (actually my idea involved changing the aliens to sorcerors but keeping the future/near future setting).

Players would have to race against these rivals so as to acquire more power before their enemy overwhelmed them.

You could perhaps also add defending champions, who would be weaker than the rivals, but would have the advantage of being supported by the native defenders, and would also start off fully powered (or perhaps they could gradually increase in power so as not to overwhelm you the moment the battle begins)

Maybe you could even add multiplayer, with players facing each other, decimating civilisations so as to increase their power enough to steamroll their opponent.

My final though would be to add a progression system, perhaps let the player gain access to different ships, or wingmen, or alternate weapon systems.

Other than that, well done, there's depressingly few games on here that pique my interest enough to steal more than a few moments of my time.

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pretty good

at first its kinda boring becuse i get like 2 weapons and no one attack you...
but then i got to lv 11...
just this level worth playing the other 10 its just awsome fighting lots of enemies with super chagring weapon XD
if the creators of the games makes a sequal i whish it will have a better way to control the ship the mouse sometimes get crazy and the ship fly around the screen...
but besides that the game is just great!

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3.48 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2009
3:49 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight