Saucer Strike

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Charge your lazurs up and lay waste to the human cities!


It could have been good....

It's quite clear that this wasn't extensively play tested, seeing how horrible the controls handle and how repetitive the game is. Personally I would have used wasd to move the ship, the mouse to aim and shoot, and tighten up the handling of the ship in general.

You could have also made the energy particles you gather from destroying stuff into currency and allow the player to buy certain weapons and enhancements to the ship (increased armor, faster energy regeneration rate, more energy, more health for some examples).

The music was also repetitive, I'll agree with some of the others on that. But at least it wasn't horrible and loud techno that'd make a person's ears bleed. Include a few different tracks and a volume slider so people can change it up or just mute the music and play their own.

Overall, very boring but it has potential if you just think about it and test things as you go.

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I hated it. It was so boring and repettetive, and the controls sucked. AND the music was freaking annoying. Never have i hated a game so much before. Try to be more creative next time.


Good idea good controls but why you had to make the game so repetitive.

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To be honest, despite the good idea, this game gets very boring and repetitive quick. The music also gets very annoying, since it's the same track looped over and over. The controls are also annoying because the ship slides all over even if you move the mouse a little bit. A decent try, but it needs a LOT of work.

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it is ok

this game is ok but it is repetitive and rip off of beter game. but 4/10 for fun 9/10 for efort. ps my spelling sucks

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3.48 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2009
3:49 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight