Saucer Strike

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Charge your lazurs up and lay waste to the human cities!


is this all?

I mean? where is all the people (the first lvl had at least cows that walked)? should they not defend their homes? or are they all on vacation to mars? got bored till level 3 when you meet repair bot, its plausibly that you meet human army later on but i could not stand the game play sorry, plus for graphix though...

no, just no

i don't often feel like my time has been wasted while at the same time thinking something has nice graphics. so that just makes it worse! the gameplay is so horrible that i could only stand it to level 3, hence i give you a rating of 3. it is irrelevant that there might be something beyond those first few levels of utter boredom, for only a few will have the patience to witness those levels. this was just so utterly horrible and boring i'm at a loss of words. please, next time, try to make the game playable. also a mute button is nice.


Tsk Tsk Sean....

Difficulty: Way too easy, all you do is hold the Left Mouse Button and Move the mouse a little.

Graphics: There is a good medium here so I'm not even gonna bug you about the graphics, plus its not like it matters.

Annoying: I found a couple things annoying about this game. First, the controls, when I went to change targets the saucer was launched across the screen, plus it was near impossible to get it back in line with a building when I went off track. Second, the health on the buildings, I know you didn't want people to beat the game too fast, but it takes forever to kill buildings at the beginning of the levels. Last, the game is pretty pointless after you get the laser, which by the way takes forever to get.

RePlay?: Im just gonna say that this is not a game that I'd really like to re-play. Once and I'm done.

Recommend: Seeing your accomplish with the Thing Thing series just does not make me want to mention this to friends, so no I don't recommend this game.

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From a new artist, i would give this game at least an 8.

But from the man who created the thing thing series, this is an embarrassement.


if thing thing arena 4 is as bad as this, i will be leading the mob of pitchfork wielding former fans.

am i missing something?

um, so i just hold down my mouse button and that's the game? i played into the third level and that was it. it needs more to make it any fun at all. the graphics and movement were plenty good, but there should be more game to this game. a lot more.

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3.48 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2009
3:49 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight