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links side quest

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this is a comic of the legend of zelda
i put a lot of work in it and i hope you like it

(p.s. i'm not english)

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$%&@#$%^$ chickens

I love Zelda parodies, I watch them all the time, so I should know if one is funny. And I think this is pretty funny :)

Not English?

It does not matter what nationality you are, as long as you worked to create something decent. I think the funniest part of this was when Link found out he needed that rupee. I like how it just seems to end on a completley different note. I think this is a better format than when the images gradually come in (or at least the speech bubbles). As I can view this now, I think it may have worked better as a webcomic. Of course, this has such an ongoing story it probably is best to present it in this form.

peltos responds:

this one i made before i worked with greatwh1teshark
then i just liked to make a page whenever i was bored and let them show to some of my friends. i think i worked on it for a year... but i made a page every 2 weeks so i didnt do much about it. it ended on a difrend note because i watch a lot of animation and from that i get my ideas so everytime i was working on it, it became a little bit difrent every time. and at some point i decided to put it all together and put it on newgrounds :P


Not really an animation. Decent, but a bit dull. You should've included "comic" or "the book of..." or something in the title.

i was like huh, and then wha

ok, if it is going to be funny, at least make it funny. the comic style i didn't hate, it was the fact that you didn't make it interesting and funny.

well not bad

I didn't like how it wasn't funny
but it was a good idea

also the text is blurry