My Favourite Fear

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thank you for the daily 2nd.
The short story about little boy Sean and his way to see the world.
I simply said what i wanted to say. It's up to you, understand it, or not.
I know, that I'm a bit late for halloween, but i simply had no time to finish this before 31.10, so anyways, please, submit it to halloween'09 collection.

PLease, write comments and describe your opinion. And oh yes, if you'll find any grammatical or graphical mistake, please, PM me, I'll fix it.

Thank you.

Thanks, Valas.
please, watch till the end of the titles, to see some interesting info about this movie.


It was alright but could be better

Although the animation wasnt the best, I liked the little story, I felt it got a bit meh towards the end though and Seans Mustache just looked like it was there to make him look older.

I liked the monster though and Im sure there was a moral lesson in there somewhere as well

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karthon responds:

Thank you


Call me heartless but...

I didnt see any emotion in it at all. it was kind of boring and i congratulated myself for watching it to the end.
To be honest, it didnt make too much sense. and the music was annoying.

but yeah, the animation was okay, and i guess the story was interesting enough to watch, so 3.

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karthon responds:

If you think that static pictures are good animation... then you've missed something in this world. maybe... tunec?

Great Job

this is proably one of the best Flash i seen in newgrounds. keep up the great work.

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made me cry

idk why though

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I hold a special place in my heart, for monsters, karthon---------->
So, with this piece, you got me hooked.
I now have to check out some of your other stuff.
Had you caught me at JUST the right time, I would have cried, watching this, Man.
Really, I mean it. When they were up on the hill, planning Sean's future city, I felt warmth in my heart. THEN, when I saw that Sean was actually a little boy that wheeled around in a chair and he was asking about another walk, and when they would go. . . I reflected more on what a blessed life I have and how to never lose the wonder of being a child. When it showed him 20 years later, and he HAD built a statue for Valas, just like he promised, I wondered, why Valas wasn't still around. Maybe he was but the statue was just to make the people of the City believe in monsters.
Oh well, I know you said just to get whatever you can outta this flash but you Sir, left me with some questions. That's a sign of good flash making capabilities though, to me anyways. I'm off to check out more of your work. You've intrigued me now. Did I see Sai's name up there too, in the thanks you left? What up with that? I love me some, Sairex!!<3 Oh and what a FABulous VA he is, huh? You seen his first flash yet? If not, you should go check it out!
It's silly, I tell you, silly. Heh heh heh
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /517045
Until I become more familiar with your work. . . .

............Take care, be good and make MORE flash, please.period

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karthon responds:

Sairex was a beta-tester and corrector, btw.)

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Nov 6, 2009
10:38 AM EST
  • Daily 2nd Place November 7, 2009