Office Chair Freestyle

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Office chair freestyle madness, special for bored workers! Do as many backflips as you can without smash your face on the pavement!



Sunglasses 10000p? stupid

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Some 1 tell me what i jus played

not the best game it needs a lot of work and it gets boring jus doing backflips and what the heck shades cost 10000 i dont know what i played i give this game a 0

Needs some work.

This game was fun at first but then became boring....i mean after doing the backflips for a while i got bored and thought why not try a front flip...it didnt even count.. i know it says to do s many backflips as possible but whats wrong with a front flip...takes the same effort. i gave it a 3 cause i like how you earn money to get the upgrades but it was to easy to beat. and btw you would think you could buy him a t-shirt -.-

This is to easy!!! :(

Im sorry but if yur gonna do a run and jump game its gotta have a solid base. I beat this game in like 10-15 min. Not very entertaining, I found the landing system pretty dumb too. Put more effort in in if yur gonna do games!!! :(

icant beleive sunglasses cost 10000

this is just plain dumb no offense the 5000 propeller is reasonoble but pink sunglasses for 10000 thats just stupid

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1.82 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2009
8:28 AM EST
Sports - Other