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Office chair freestyle madness, special for bored workers! Do as many backflips as you can without smash your face on the pavement!



uhhm question .. what do the glasses do? i played the game and finished all the upgrades then i bought the glasses and nothing happend.. this will be good if there were more upgrades and higher ramps and able to customize your character to something goofy or something :)) hope this can help :D

Um ... Just...

See , I don't really get the mission of the game because all you can actually do is just to make backflips ... , it gets boring even on less than 5 minutes of playing ... , the game does not even have sense , why someone would just go without shirt and keep on a chair giving backflips on the hair? you don't really earn something of our time just doing a game like this ... through is very weird that is on front page with that score that does not really does something ... i don't even know if a kid that haves 4 years could have fun with this ... , i mean , it does not even haves music , the only sound you hear is the chair when you are going to jump , and a scream 5 seconds before crushing your skull with the floor , you can just get every spring and wheels in a matter of seconds , so you don't even have to play non 1 min , not 2 or 3 , or maybe more minutes to say the same thing about this game (well , there maybe have been worser games than this) if something is good about this game , is wasting , your , TIME

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Just stop...

If you're going to do a rip-off of a game, at least make some attempt at doing it justice. This ws absolutely horrible, and I have no idea how it is on the front page. The fact that some people actually gave this game stars makes me lose a little faith in the goodness of humanity.

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what do the glasses do?

ok, many people have already pointed out the copy of shopping cart hero. here are the short comings of this game:

1. restricted controls: only being able to do back flips, no chair grabs, no twists, nothing other then back flips.

2. limited upgrades: no ramp upgrades really limited the playability of this game.

3. physics flaw: if you just hit the ramp and do nothing, you would get a different height and distance vs. if you do flips... there was no difference per launch.

4. the guy in the chair: no shirt, purple hair, and that scream every time you get close to the ground and you are not upright. the ability to customize him would add a little more to the game.

all in all, a sloppy game, please take these feedbacks and try to improve for future games!

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I dont usually do bad reviews but I really didn't enjoy this. It seems to me that you've just copied the game "shopping cart hero" except you havn't achieved the depth of gameplay by a long shot.
The actual game lacks skill, its just a matter of holding the back button and judging when to stop so that you dont crash. The upgrade system was basic, and although i could see the effects when i did upgrade (except with the glasses, which I assume were purely asthetic) i didnt feel like they really added anything, apart from a new predetermined flight path.
One of your biggest failures here is that even though shopping cart hero is a stick figure game, it still looks much better than your game, which just looks untidy.
I advise anyone who reads this before playing not to waste your time with this game, and anyone who wants to play something that this game was trying to be should play shopping cart hero instead.

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Nov 6, 2009
8:28 AM EST
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