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Galactic Colonization

rated 3.44 / 5 stars
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Strategy - Real-time (RTS)

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Nov 6, 2009 | 5:01 AM EST

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Author Comments

**Game Update:

- To cancel sending ships: Click on the planet sending ships, then click on it again.
- After winning level 10, game hangs bug - FIXED

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Galactic Colonization is a game of strategy and defense. Send your fleet to conquer hostile territories. Defend your planets with shields and turrets. Do you have what it takes to conquer the universe? Let the colonization begin!

Game includes:

- Three game modes: Campaign, Level Select and Skirmish.

- 10 Galaxies to Conquer

- 4 ship upgrades and 4 planet defenses

- Original soundtrack

- Auto Save Game feature



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

good idea

shitty game


Rated 3 / 5 stars

it's ok, but gets very unfair lately

The game is not very original, it's quite like nano war, but with upgrades. But that's not a big problem, I would still like it if it didn't have its serious flaw. This flaw is that I have to start each level without recourses, I can't use the rescourses I accumulated in the previous level, nor do I get any fixed value to start with. For the most levels I can still get on, thanks to the ship upgrades, but later the enemies have them too, maybe some get even more than I can buy, so I loose that adventage too. Like this in the 9th level I have no chance: everyone has planty of recourses (but me) and the build defenses to almost every captured planet while I can't even build a forcefield around my home planet! The somehow have a higher growth rate too, and all of them wants my planets!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Love it

first time i played it? loved it.... till i got to level 4, then hated it. then i realised that ship upgrades carried over, so started again. once you have a working strategy, even though it takes time, this game is not impossible at all :)

Good work dude


Rated 3 / 5 stars

good but with some serious flaws

I liked most of it, unfortunately the parts I didn't like were very very large flaws.
1) The strategy was mostly the same for every level. ie. let the other team wear down a neutral planet, colonize it. Repeat until all planets are claimed, then simply wait until the other teams attack eachother and go in for the kill when a planet's defenses on the brink. Repeat as necessary and finish off the home planet. So maybe if you made it so players would have to change their strategy every couple of levels, this could've been a great game.

2) On the last level, my last enemy had built enough logic converters that when I attacked with every other planet, his numbers were actually able to grow. Either limit the ammount of logic converters an AI can build on one planet or allow the turrents to have a chance of being destroyed. It wasn't even really an option to take out his base planet early on because you gave the AI mad building ability. Seriously, if it wasn't for this, you'd have recieved an 8/10

3) More versitily with the controls would have been nice (as mentioned by madkins).

These aren't really flaws but they would still make the game better:
1) Include planet micromanagement (like should a planet focus on bunkers to increase the defence or launch sites to increase the rate of ships leaving to attack)

2) Hey the enemy just passed over my big planet and I couldn't do anything to it!
Obviously you were conveying a 3-d system in a 2- format, but really, I'd like to be able to take out enemy ships as they pass by strongly fortified planet to a tiny one right behind it.

3) If you complete a level really fast (and therefore don't research in the mission) there should be some sort of upgrade/reward/bonus given to the next mission.

4) More storyline!

In conclusion, this is a good game with heavy flaws.

PS i liked the difficulty curve. Don't listen to those pussies


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Great game...reminds me of Phage wars plus defensive upgrades. I enjoyed it a lot. My only critique would be to add the ability to select more than one planet or all planets. It got a little tiresome towards the end having to click my planet, their planet, my planet, their planet, etc...
About the difficulty: My problem was that I only did one ship upgrade the first three levels (because I didn't need them). On the fourth or fifth level, it did start to get really tough. That is when I noticed the ship upgrades stay with you. So, I stayed on the same level until I had all ship upgrades before proceeding. It still got pretty tough by the end. If you don't get a good foothold right away, the level gets pretty tough pretty quick.

karbongames responds:

Yeah, but aside from getting a foothold early on, it is also important to have a strategy... like knowing when it is the best time to attack and defend.

Regarding your suggetions to improve the game, i'm not really sure if i can do that at the moment since the game has already been sponsored. I have to ask the sponsor first if it's okay with them.