Khicken Part One

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Khicken is a story of biologically engineered "super-chickens" created as a result of a project by a mad scientist known as "The Programmer" who plans to use science to take over the world.


This series has been a personal project of mine for a long time now, and I am excited to finally be ready to share the first part on Newgrounds. I hope you enjoy the episode and look forward to future parts of this story.

Thank-you to the voice actors who contributed their amazing talent and waited very patiently.


Nicely done!

I don't understand exactly why people think this is based on "Chicken Run", because there enough differences to make these completely different stories... I am curious to see how this story plays out, and whether the Khickens decide to work together to make their escape.
Don't let those closed minded people keep you down! It looks great so far! Keep it up!

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I was gonna say chicken run but..

On closer inspection a realized that all the chickens looked penises

zeedox responds:

I was waiting for someone to say this :D

ummm yea

I kinda just thought this was based all off of Chicken Run it looks really alike, also the way you drew the chickens wasnt that good. But i do like the idea of it set in the future and cant wait for the part when they take over the world.

I can see a good amount of effort went into it...

But haven't you really just expanded on and plagarised the concept of the movie 'Chicken Run', and actually drawn the chickens in practically the same way? I am not really sure why you would do that unless it was meant to be ironic or something.

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zeedox responds:

Hmm.. good point. They do share lots of similarities, especially in the shape and proportions of the body, legs and head. I didn't look at the Chicken Run chickens while I designed the characters... I kind of based them more off of a plush chicken toy I have. As for the story, it isn't my intention for Khicken to be a story about an escape from a farm. The first three episodes are about the escape, but the plot for the series as a whole is based upon a "Chickens trying to take over the world" theme. Thank you for the helpful review, I appreciate it.

good animation

I really enjoy the story.
all was new and good

this must have first plase of the day

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4.04 / 5.00

Nov 5, 2009
5:14 PM EST