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Listen, This is only my second "real" movie so i'm kindda an amature. plz don't be to harsh with you're reviews.

First of all let me say, this movie is NOT for everyone.... not everyone would like it and some may say its pointless. I don't think it is but... so be it.

Just Fyi, I didn't "envent" the plot, it's a knowen folk mith or something about a woman-deamon that lures ppl into her house and kills them. I just made it into a flsh with a music.

Don't watch if you find blood disguadting



My disgust for this flash is unmatched. The only reason I put a number down for violence was because of the blood(which was POORLY done). First thing's first you slit someones throat not their forehead! this flash looks like it was done in a rush by a fourth grader! the only way you could improve this is totake it entirely redo it from the ground up, and you depicted her as a sort of siren(using a song to attract unsuspecting men). She should really do more than just kill them and drag their bodies into the cellar. Believe me I could go on and on but im just going to stop now.


mr-super-hero didnt get it. it was great. i liked it. a nice short little piece of art. very creepy!

But it IS pointless...

like seriously..no motive or anything, nothing interesting happens...she just kills the guy, dumps him in a pile of skeletons, and leaves. End of movie. You started with a good idea, a modification of the old Greek Sirens myth, but executed very poorly. Remake, but make it longer, give Tamara a motive, for shit's sake..do SOMETHING else...like, I dunno, make her a necrophiliac or something. She needs a motive or reason to randomly kill people. Try again using these tips and some I'm sure others have given you.

A michael jackson paraody gone wrong?

Ok so you basically said to yourself, "Hmm...I should make an animation of a girl who looks like michael jackson killing people for absoulutly no reason! Newgrounds will take anything that comes across them!" And walah! They did! I expect more even from a beginner, maybe the animation wont be at its best but I bet you can do alot better then this! The storyline? What the hell am I suppose to make of this? Stuff like has to have meaning and just making a random girl with bad breath attract a guy and then kill him? What am I suppose to feel now? If your just practicing at flash dont submit it to newgrounds, first make something that has a point.


This is not very good but i did read the authors comments and knowing its his first flash then he did a good job. And to CrazyDemon you gave it a 10 for humor yet a 0 for the overall dont you think that a movie that got a 10 for one of the scores at least should get a 1 for overall score.?

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2.54 / 5.00

May 7, 2002
9:17 AM EDT