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Listen, This is only my second "real" movie so i'm kindda an amature. plz don't be to harsh with you're reviews.

First of all let me say, this movie is NOT for everyone.... not everyone would like it and some may say its pointless. I don't think it is but... so be it.

Just Fyi, I didn't "envent" the plot, it's a knowen folk mith or something about a woman-deamon that lures ppl into her house and kills them. I just made it into a flsh with a music.

Don't watch if you find blood disguadting



Hey buddy, you asked people to tell what they think of your movie, and if that guy didn't like it, its his opinion. You need to accept critcism more openly, and not explode when people give you bad reviews. Not everyone is going to like it. Just because you put a lot of time into it doesn't mean its good either, just so you know. I didn't like this movie either, since it was really strange and disgusting, so I gave it a below average score.

Don't watch this

It's dunber than hell

Ubolnik responds:

How much of a Jack ass can you possibly be?
You are supposed to vote 0 for two framses dancing sticks animations... not to invested toons that took alot of thought and time to make....
And telling people not to watch it? its oad that SOMEONE must have liked it because i'm in Ng seriuse....
You havn't even made 1 flash.... what makes you the critic master?

"Dumb as hell" Well... you didn't like it... so what? from there to telling ppl not to watch it is a BIG diffrance!

Damn women

Tamara should be hunted down and stabbed in the face with a sodering iron. Then, she should have her arms and legs pulled out and burned and have the remains fed to dogs. The rest of her body should be put in the street and ground into hamburger and run over by trucks.

Ubolnik responds:

I'm glad my movie inspired such an emotional responce for you but....

why did you vote 6?

Nvm... Glad it got a responce out of you

Very appropiate music.

The music is lovely, and very appropiate for the flash movie!

Sad and nice story.

I love the detail of herself as jesuschrist in the painting!

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2.54 / 5.00

May 7, 2002
9:17 AM EDT