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Mortal Kombat: Betrayal 2

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This is the continuation of my last movie. This one is very nonsensical, but it's meant to be that way.
Hope ppl like it, it'sa bit clunky at times, and that's mainly because this time I decided to work mostly with MKII sprites, and some MK1 effects.
Anyway, this movie was made to be watched without any expectations of a story, so you dont HAVE to watch the original, but I do recommend watching it firts!!! its short! so it wont take too much of ur time.

To the artists of Newgrounds who made the AMAZING music:
Thank you so much for sharing your talent and your inventive with the rest of us and allowing us to use it to express the phantasmagoria that pous out of our heads!
I have to say, I chose the music WAAAY before anything else, when it's right, it's right.

NOTES: Stick through the credits, there is a scene after them (oorrr.. you could just access it though scene selection)
Also, there is an alternate rooftop scene in the scene selection menu. It's not finished, but it has a slightly alternate idea for the scene and different music.

Thank you for watching! ENJOY!

EDIT: The Play Part 1 button isn't working, but it works in the swf, so i'm assuming newgrounds doesnt allow linking?

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Wow! What a bunch of cutthroat bastards! All of them! You definitely stuck to the story. Great visuals and dramatic scenes. Great storytelling. My only gripe is some of the text is hard to read. Either pick font that stands out a little more on the screen or use a bar behind it. It was still readable though. Again, great storytelling.

nice movie

Kung lao cheated jhonny cage,
but he did not know that the evil has sent stryker to kill kung lao after he kill cage.


Your storyline is great, but it lacked sound.
Your music of choice was great, yet your animation seemed jumpy

The point is, I was hoping for sound effects, and such. It almost looked as if everything was made from photos, maybe increase your fps or so, because I would love to see you improve. Because that is all you need, improvement

kamionero responds:

Thank you! that's great criticism!
I am def. a begginer when it comes to animation, so ur advice is soundly taken!
I hear you on the sound thing (lol no pun intended) but when i definetly failed at sound coordination, i just cant get it right, so i just decided to go w the music video style.


This is a nice movie! The quality of graphics, sprite rip and sound are good, sometimes there is some movement a bit "woody" but nothing too serious in the complex.
The music selection is very appropriate and the last scene after the credit is just disturbing (reminds me the SAW movies...)


It was excellent! I wasn't expecting Cage to die though. Can't wait for 3!