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Your an idiot if you say this should be on youtube :P. I mean come on

Video Fixed

Well know heres something new for me. I've NEVER done a hentai sequence and thought I'd give it a shot. Not only that but screen capture me doing it. I hope this will help new flash artists get a ruff understanding of how you can animate using flash.

ON ANOTHER NOTE ::update::
I'm not gonna lie to you all. But I haven't seen a SINGLE yes as in ONE SINGLE episode of Naruto. Why...well to be honest I'm not planning on getting into a series that has a ridiculous amount of episodes.

anyway enjoy

-Featuring the Abnormality Menu engine
-Artist Bio
-Final sequence

..::Extra feature Update::..
Q: Why are the nipples so small?
A: Well at first I made this for youtube. I knew that youtube dosn't take hentai so I thought if I tried to
cut corners such as making the nipples hard to see it may class as a Censor. But during editing It didn't work and I just thought I'd show it on newgrounds.

Q: I don't recpect you any more you c@#$
A: Aww sorry to hear that

Q: Why did you make this you sick f@#$
A: Because I can. If I can why not. but not only that. I wanted to see how well something with the title Sakura along with hentai would go. Well its gone well

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I used this tutorial, actually!! C'x
I practiced with one of my OCs, though, but this was really helpful!!
Here's how it looks, in case you're wondering~!! ^ o ^

what a nice video!(Y)

nice work!

YOU should make a game of this..