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Stickfight(first flash)

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Author Comments

Ok ths is my first flash. I think you all know its a peice of junk but its procrastination. PLEASE DO NOT BLAM ME. I'll try making better ones in the future. AND DAMNIT I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO MAKE AN ICON.

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OMG!!!THIS IS SO COOL!10/10 5/5 sorry for caps...and i wanna play ds or wii games with no sound and let this music rock!OR MUCH BETTER!Play this music on an electric guitar!(my brother had one)

that is not a first

i dont think thats possible to be a first but... ill take your word for it and, why whould you tell people NOT to blam it its to awesome to be blammed! what im trying to say is

nintenga95 responds:

weellll I had a bunch of other projscts buts I was a lazyass to finish them all


Honestly, 4 ur first animation this is awesome, sound effects n all, only had a problem with the end explosion, but other than dat AWESOME!!!

This cannot be your first...

It's too good! W00T!!
Blue died... awww...


Highly impressive for your first flash!

Great action and precise body movements combined with multi-area brawling (complete with breaking walls) and awesome special moves and effects make this a very entertaining stick fight to watch, especially considering that this is your first flash! Great work, keep it up :]

Gonna watch it again :]