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Akiko Dress up

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Author Comments

WARNING~ This flash DOES NOT contain a preloader. It's pretty simple, and I didn't know how to make a preloader, so, yeah... >3<;

Yay~ I made this at the beginning of this past summer, but recently discovered newgrounds... So, I decided to put this up!

This is my first flash game ever, so tell me what you think about everything~<333
I plan on making lots more, so, comments about what I should add and stuff would all be much loved~<3

The boy is my OC Akiko for one of my original manga ideas.
Visit the flash's original host via my dA, uchihakimonochan.devianta rt.com~

So, until I get another one done again, good bye NG~<3


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Decent game

So unnecessarily I found this flash by random chice but i must say it was a pretty good find as it was an entertaining and flashy game, now i still think there could be some more work in other places, and i will ofcourse elaborate more on that in abit, But in moderation it could use a few things here and there giving it that extra push it needs to be even better then it is. So let me start on some detail points and saying that you do have some decent variaty, but the fact that every 2nd 3rd and fourt item is basicly a copy of the other one doesnt do much for creativity, so with that said you can always make each item have something differant maybe something more unique and such from the other, also things are too "SMALL" aswell as "CLUTTERED" up so you could make the canvus larger to help releave that stress of issues, but other then that it was notbad, a fun dress up game but could use some more sttention for detail. I really enjoyed what you made her em a delightfull flash with lots of entertaining and amusing visuals, great stuff all around, its stuff like this i can really appreciate so very nice work, keep it up. There was alot of tips i suggested that will greatly help make this much a better game, and again good luck. And once again great flash entry here. Cheers till next time.

Ok here we have a decent little flash entry, this was notbad of a game, it had some good and bad points and i have suggested some ideas for the bad if even that, And all it takes is a few Tweaking on spots here and there, But I do Recommend a few ideas and suggestions that can make this better and improve on them, so just something to think about. So make it your own, make it your own style adding some backrounds and even adding a larger canvus would be a big plus.

Hmmm very good and perfect dress up


very good, not one to review dress ups.

very good range of clothes and stuff, make the person bigger next time, other than that, very good job

Not bad for a dress-up.

There were a lot of options to choose from, which is nice. However, the character should be a lot larger, not only so the user can "aim" better, but so that they can see it more clearly.

OK- lots of colour range

We get a lot of dressups here and it gets very boring. There is nothing wrong with this one, indeed it all fits very well and the range of colour for almost everything in the wide range of clothes is impressive.You have a reasonable range of other accesories, such as ears, tail etc. Which is good.

Don't worry about the preloader too much- as it is a small file and loads quickly it doesn't matter, but find out how to insert one before you submit again, it will count against you.

I don't know if there is any sound as I have no sound, but if not, there should be some kind of music. Since dressups have so little variety in their interaction, putting in a choice of music with a music off button would certainly help.

The actual picture is quite small and is rather overwhelmed by the clothes etc around it. The clothes are also very close together and it is difficult to see them very well, especially as the row of colours blurs them together.

The better dressups have animation, such as blinking eyes.

One could give the person a voice and make it say things from time to time.

To clear space you could have buttons that bring up a range one at a time eg:

Tops, hair, skirts, tails etc

that would leave you room to see each one and make everything bigger.

Take a look at this NG submission for inspiration:
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /319272

Best Wishes,
Iced of the Dragons & Spirits

Credits & Info

3.09 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2009
5:59 PM EST