Zombie Exploder

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Let's dismember zombies!


Glitch on Floor 10

It froze my dude so he got eaten by zombies >:( and it wont let me retry it!!! 10/10 for game but 0/10 for glitches

...yeah, no

Well, at first it thought it might be interesting.

I was wrong.

Apparently the zombies can attach themselves to whenever they feel like it, regardless of if you just hit them or not, there's no real way to get any kind of combo or bonus, and of course, since rampage drains when you get hit, good luck ever getting one.

Honestly? Instead of trying the whole "fist follows mouse" thing you went with, it'd have been better with a button for punch, one for kick, and one for jump, since all I ended up doing anyway was running around a zombie shaking my mouse back and forth trying to hit the damn thing. That's besides the fact that you can't really 'aim' a punch or kick, and just have to hope for the best.

All in all? Probably be better without the mouse to punch routine, and if rage didn't drain, or at least, didn't drain as fast as it does.

Not a fan

Attacking with the mouse is just plain awkward. It's not all bad though so have a 5.

Fun, yet simple...

It was too repetitive and quite frankly bored me after a while. But still, it provided some mild entertainment. Wish you could save after each floor, and that there were cooler combos. Also, the use of hand-to-hand combat became stale. Try adding some weapons to a sequel.

i cant help but get grabed when theres 5 zombies on both sides of me

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4.14 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2009
4:33 PM EST
Action - Other