Sky Boarder Mayhem

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"Your sky boarding above illegal grounds and the air force is after you. Problem is they forgot to pack their weapons and have only cargo instead. Dodge couches, cars, cows and many more objects being thrown at you from planes all while you sky board to the new high score."

Hey everybody, I hope you enjoy this short, but fun game. My goal here was to have something, easy, fun, funny, and addicting. While not TOTALLY new, I do think it has a bit of originality to it.

One thing I hope you enjoy is the fun feeling of just barely dodging an object and doing a frontflip to avoid it. Get good and make it far and you can really start to matrix that cargo.

Hope you enjoy the custom art too, I tried to give it a little of a retro feel to it. All of the airplanes were made by Prinz Eugn, so credit for the awesome planes goes to him.

Let me know what you think!


Can only hold my attention for so long...

Well, it is original, and perhaps closer to the true sport than another "skyboarding" game on NG.

The game has some nice detailed sprite art, and even has little background touches of stuff like a commercial jetliner in the background.

The premise is somewhat plausible. Okay, maybe not, but I'll take your word that the US government would shoot down unwanted skyboarders from the skies.

I find it weird that fighter jets would be able to pack any normal cargo in its bays, let alone, have people just hanging out on the rear end dumping stuff off.
It's also weird that fighter jets are basically nosediving to the ground just to get you.

Now the gameplay actually shows promise. It has a one button control scheme. Simple. You dodge stuff. Cool.

But currently, it's only a survival game, and very bland.

Here are some suggestions to improve this game if you ever choose to do so. (I suppose I could be overthinking it, though).

It's cool that you added the flip effect for those close shaves, but the skyboarder himself could have had more frames of animation when changing direction normally, though.

You do know that objects actually accelerate to terminal velocity (that's 120 ft/s) as they go down? Yet you have a constant rate of descent on the gauge, which really bothers some people. (I suppose you may not have taken physics yet, though)

You could have an alternate keyboard control scheme (just one key, of course.)

While you can still keep the survival mode somewhere on the main menu, you could have added a progression of stages, as well as a set objective height to reach (that ticks down the longer you stay up) before the skyboarder deploys a parachute and thus concludes that stage. Depending on how hard you want this "normal mode" to go, the skyboarder could have extra lives that allow him to keep going until he really chokes.

Each stage would get progressively harder, and perhaps for humor, you're skyboarding internationally, so that there are different fighter jets of other nations and that they dump out different stuff.

Anyway, keep making games. You'll only get better at it.

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i really like it and btw the controls are good very original
i really like it keep up the good work

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It was ok

I like how you took the concept of the helicopter game and made it horizontal. There's nothing wrong with the controls. Making the guy move with left and right arrows or which ever keys would be boring.

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robscherer123 responds:

Thanks, I don't understand what's wrong with the controls either. lol, but yep you got the idea right on. ;)

Great idea, but...

The controls killed it. I'm sorry, but that's almost unplayable. The music was a little out of my style, but I guess the demographic you're appealing to would like it. I don't know, I'm not a skater. The graphics were good, although pixel, they worked very well for this.

Just please change the controls.


only a word


robscherer123 responds:

A very wise man. At least you a gave good explanation on why, and seem to have some pretty good stuff to show for yourself.

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Nov 4, 2009
1:41 PM EST
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