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Tiny Rumble

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Author Comments

just a little fun :)

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Basically a form of rock-paper-scissors.

Gameplay is basic. Fun for a bit, then almost annoyingly and repetitively weaksauce. Nevertheless, I got up to level 13 vs cpu, (probably longer than most people would have the patience for) just to see if there's an ending or something before simply quitting. (Well, of course not. What was I thinking?)

To win against the AI, it's all a matter of reading the opponent's actions and mainly using the medium attack: this doesn't take too long to get off, and it actually does some damage. If the computer gets off quick attacks, then hold off for a bit and back out of range.

The quick attack's only to stun the opponent if he's using a medium or heavy attack. (It's real easy to spot and counter a heavy.)
And the heavy attack should be used very sparingly, (such as the beginning of the fight or just when the opponent uses his bubble shield if you have good timing).

I rarely needed to block, as the controls are already too tedious to do any motions other than forward-forward-attack. For some of motions, pressing the keys too fast will result in failure, even if the button inputs are the only ones that show up on the bottom left of the screen. (I suppose it's the first fighting game that actually punishes the player for inputing their commands too fast).

Anyway, the light block, for instance, is useless--heck, I'll let the enemy connect with as many light attacks as he wants until he drains the blue bar. You have to be spot on with the medium block to deflect medium attacks (and it uses two directional buttons). The bubble shield is probably most reliable, if you don't press down up too quickly, that is.

Music was very repetitive. It's like a five second loop over and over. Maybe if it was longer, then it would have been cool, but right now, I don't like it.

only fun for a second

i honestly like the style/layout but this game is lacking in the most important attribute...gameplay. The create a char is great but i feel like this game should have at least a little more to it. Almost fun but not quite..

Mhm Cool Music :)

Its good and funny first but no long-play.

But what is the Music. I love it :)


this game is booooooooooooriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing


Its got some potential to it. I hope the sequel is more in depth, tho. The game was enjoyable, but repetitive. But, i like it. Good job!

Credits & Info

3.40 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2009
11:05 AM EST