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The Last Village

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An Indian Apache tribe has to defend their village from white people and other indian tribes invasion. Hopefully, the village has a magic (but rare) plant which makes soldiers stronger... Be ready to fight and survive for 75 days!

To do so, set up a strategy to develop agriculture, handle transactions of agribusiness, trade for guns, train the troops, and send commanders and troops to the battle.

Edited file:

[v] gold stealing balance.

[v] army attack and defence balance.

[v] market balance.

[v] clear some glicth.


this game was dumb

this was stupid if ur the last village then y do u get attacked by other idians?

and the battles were dumb if ur a gun man how r u gonna get meat by a swordsmen

the locationing of the farms,towers,ironing,ect. wasn't tht great all i have to say is tht u could have done alot better than this

but the art was pretty good and there were no need for the traps plus u coulda been more original!!


i love it :D nice and cool


Not the best game but still pretty good. well done


Fantastic art, good gameplay control and very addictive. Great job!

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Potential Classic, but has some issues

First, with the good.
The art is beautiful. The portraits are clean. The town music works well, and doesn't seem to grate on me, even if I'm listening to it repeatedly. So far, I believe the research and upgrades are balanced, although I found fair trading to be useless. (only seems to affect the resource for gold transactions). All buttons work correctly and the game is easy to pick up.

The battles are similar of other flash warfare games. Each fighter sticks to a lane. This means that I find only the gunners and the horse archers tend to be the type I use in these types of games-especially considering that any melee soldiers you send out tend to get heavily damaged before they can do any damage in return.

I do have a few suggestions for features to add, though. Buildings like the marketplace, the blacksmith and the weapon seller are probably the most important structures in the game, but it's a hassle to click on the minimap, click again on the appropriate box, and then click once more on the building to enter the screen. You could have made some hotkeys to instantly transport between each of them (once the appropriate structure is built, of course)

Also, with said structures, you should probably have made a slider bar or probably a number input dialog for buying and selling goods. It's very annoying to click an icon repeatedly (upwards to hundreds of times in the mid-late game).

You could have placed a projected resource income for next turn somewhere with the resource icons at the top.

In battle, you could have made hotkeys to assign your troops. For example, the player could press 1 to activate the swordsman icon, and then click a row,

I'm not totally clear on what traps do either. I never needed them, though.

The economy in this game is kinda funny. I've been able to buy materials frequently (literally in the thousands), at the same price. Must be some pretty dumb merchants. There is no sense of higher demand, higher price and vice versa.

My main gold income for the first couple days was creating bows (or guns if I have less wood) and then selling them at the weapon seller. Of course, the question then comes up-who exactly am I selling it to, since we're supposed to be the last village? I can't possibly be selling the weapons to some other tribe, let alone, the white invaders. And I can't be selling it to my own tribe either.

Because of the static market prices, though, players can easily create weapons for cheap and then sell them at huge profits. Then the player can proceed to buy more materials than they started with (until the lady says you can't anymore), create bows or guns, and then sell again. (I could reserve some bows to train gunners and bowmen, as they are the most effective fighting units)

It was only around day 30, and I already had all the weapon upgrades, with all wood and iron production buildings at least at level 6-7. In a battle around that time, I sent out swarms of gunners and archers, (no potion required) massacred the attackers (shouldn't have been the other way around?) and then stole 8000 gold (pick pocket not researched yet) because of all the guys who broke through enemy lines.

I don't know if that's what you guys intended, but it made the game much easier for me.

Sure, it isn't factually or economically accurate. Sure, it might have game breaking flaws and moments where I felt I was going to get either carpal tunnel syndrome or a broken mouse button from clicking buttons too many times. But I definitely had fun finding the best way for the tribe to survive, treating this more as a what-if scenario more than a game based on real history.

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Nov 4, 2009
12:16 AM EST
Strategy - Other
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