The Last Village

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An Indian Apache tribe has to defend their village from white people and other indian tribes invasion. Hopefully, the village has a magic (but rare) plant which makes soldiers stronger... Be ready to fight and survive for 75 days!

To do so, set up a strategy to develop agriculture, handle transactions of agribusiness, trade for guns, train the troops, and send commanders and troops to the battle.

Edited file:

[v] gold stealing balance.

[v] army attack and defence balance.

[v] market balance.

[v] clear some glicth.


Good game, except for...

The difficulty level! This game is either too easy or too hard.

It's too easy because of the flower. If you park all of your commanders on your main base, wait for the enemies to come to you, and use the potion, it's literally impossible to lose. You're invincible. You can minimize the window and go have a soda while your commanders slaughter everything that comes near them. The flowers appear often enough that you don't really need to conserve potions, so it's basically a surefire victory.

But, if you don't use the potions, the game is too hard. Most of the normal units are completely useless when outnumbered by the enemy (which is always the case), and you're quickly overwhelmed.

The solution? If you make a sequel, don't turn the "magic potion" into a "win potion", and don't make the enemies so ridiculously strong. Do that, and you've got a 10, because everything else was spot on.

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awesome game

would be a ten if i knew how to get the flower

This game is good if you know how to play it.

It took me awhile to figure out how to play too, but.... I figured out how to make this game as easy as cake.

1.Establish an economy first. Don't bother upgrading anything yet.

2.Build a barracks and a blacksmith- don't bother trading weapons. It costs too much.

3. Upgrades are at the center of the village. The main village has some useful upgrades, as well as building a temple. When you build a temple, it lets you upgrade all of your units PERMANENTLY. Buy the upgrades before getting more soldiers; it will make a huuuge difference.

4. You can move all of the characters all at once. Just select them, tell them where to move, then click "execute move".

5. Use the market to trade in your relatively useless gold for useful materials. When you upgrade "fair trade" enough, you can actually sell back resources for more gold than you can buy them!

6.Your army leaders ALL have individual powers that recharge after every battle. USE THEM!

7.The more soldiers you have behind enemy lines, the more gold you have. That means you have more resources when you trade the gold in.

8. Like the game states, try to keep 2 leaders together to make a more effective defense.

9.When in doubt, retreat. There is no penalty for doing so.

10. Don't let enemy soldiers stay on your precious, expensive buildings for too long. The buildings will be destroyed.

If you think this game is hard, following this will make it easy....almost TOO easy.
I think there is some market glitch where after you fight an enemy army, you can trade an unlimited amount of stuff.

Overall, a brilliant game. Reminds me of the good ole days of Age of Empires.The game has some obvious, glaring glitches such as disappearing people and a super roid-rage swordsman that can decimate you and your buildings in one hit... Otherwise, it is a game that I would recommend to on Newgrounds.

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Stop Complaining!

People need to stop complaining it's too hard! If it wasn't hard it wouldn't be any fun! Directions could be more clear though.


for hours i tought this is the best game... but there is one thing...
why, why on earth heroes cannot have warriors?!?!?!?!?!
i buy them, spent fortune on them and what?
maybe i am a retard, but never the less i wont touch this game never ever again.

i hope you will make part two....

when you do, remember the following:
It is not complicated gameplay, what makes the game deep!

for support on making second part i give you 9...
it is at least something i can do....

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Nov 4, 2009
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