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The Last Village

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An Indian Apache tribe has to defend their village from white people and other indian tribes invasion. Hopefully, the village has a magic (but rare) plant which makes soldiers stronger... Be ready to fight and survive for 75 days!

To do so, set up a strategy to develop agriculture, handle transactions of agribusiness, trade for guns, train the troops, and send commanders and troops to the battle.

Edited file:

[v] gold stealing balance.

[v] army attack and defence balance.

[v] market balance.

[v] clear some glicth.



Too amazing for words!

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I played toooo long this XD

I will say this straight this game was really epic even if it became repetitive especially the music ....... but the gameplay ws quite fun and yur eally need to administarte yur economy to actually do something quite a challenging game, tutorials woulda made this easier like i found the buttoon to level the temple at day 55....... cant say how i got there withou that.
A problem i founf is that my units were reeeeeealy bad comparison the enemies even if i did thbe most of upgrades i couldnt made them as good " only magicians were pro" the only tactic i found that didnt use specials was too use meat shield and a magician or 2 behind they rape hard
Like by day 30-75 yu need to sgtart using at least 3-5 commanders per battle or yu lose, hated that my melee commander were just satnding while 20 snipers shoot them down
The potion was hilarius, commanders were invencible,,,,,, well not really they just can take 20 mins of beating XD but if yu dont have a range commander is kinda useless.
More kind of buildings woulda been funnier, adn godamn when yu are making aq strategy at 1 side since it apñpeared 4 days ago and 1 day it appear on other flank appear 2 of them with 2 days to appear..... kinda makes yu sacrifice 1 flank and have to protect on yur main

Anyway i played it all the 75 days since i didnt get all medals i wont play it again anyway too hard to get all of them. Tenplke upgrade to 9 is absurd XD cant see how to make that money and still survive

Fun game to finish it and fill accomplished since the endind is cool

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sweet game

it's a nice flash game I love it :3 ... but it sooooooo as nothing to do with the real native history lolz ... awesome game none the less

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Well its a good game

I really like strategy games like this one, though I found a glitch (or is it?) the enemy stopped attacking after day 26 and all i have to do is upgrade and build, etc...

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It's a decent game - I like the mix of turn-based and RTS - but there are things that could be done. Aside from what's been mentioned, I noticed a bug whereby my army units that make it offscreen on the enemy's side are simply killed automatically. Either make it like Warfare: 1917, where you win when you make your own troops crossover to their side, OR like Age of War, where you each have castles that need to be destroyed in order for the battle to be over. Losing all your armies because the units walk quickly... SUCKS.

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4.24 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2009
12:16 AM EST
Strategy - Other
  • Weekly Users' Choice November 10, 2009
  • Daily 2nd Place November 5, 2009