Guns Beer and Demons 3

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The overlord did not show up so the demons need to determine the next plan of action. Number 666, a minion servant for the demons, captures a human to interrogate. Too bad it is just a baby. When they don't get the answers they desire, they attack with the full arsenal. KreepLX has the ability to absorb memories from humans by eating them and tries this to locate the human survivors. Little did the demon know, that could be a mistake.

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It's okay.

Well, I've given honest reviews of submissions I've seen so far so I'm not going to change now.

I enjoyed that, it was nothing to get excited about, but I watched it all the way to the end. True the story was lost on me, but that has only served purposed as to make me now search for the other instalments in this series.

True, artistic skill could have been better, and a more appreciative audience found elsewhere. But in my opinion the effort has paid-off here and I think you have a good idea. Just tweak the execution a bit into something more action packed, and perhaps a bit more relate-able to an audience who hasn't seen the previous episode.

Adding a small introduction telling the viewer the outlines of the previous episode would suffice.

But not a bad job, I couldn't do any better. But needs some improvement.


That was...

Incredibly Stupid.
1 Try some real effort to looking like a demon... Not Halloween masks...
2 if your serious about it make a good script, and Learn to act...

You wasted my time, Thank you.

kreeplx360 responds:

Are you crazy? Have you ever seen the garbage on the scifi channel? You have to put in account the we had a budget of maybe $30 and put something together like this and spent more money on the bullets than anything else. I wish we could spend more time and money on this but you have to understand we have families, jobs, and other factors involved where we are limited to the resources we have to make out imagination come true.

Eh... a little humor value for the dumb factor

What happened to the demon after he at the baby though? He died of something. But the baby should have been roasted with no flesh to eat.

kreeplx360 responds:

The next one we were going to have the demon recover and a sniper attack from the caravan with a hand-to-hand combat scene. Would have loved to roast the baby but the store was out of roasted chickens... hahaha.


This series is amusing to say the least but whats the music that is in the background. its awsome.

kreeplx360 responds:

The music during the episode is by this guy. http://twitter.com/kmacleod

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2.50 / 5.00

Nov 2, 2009
8:55 PM EST