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Green Bomber

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Author Comments

The Green Empire is starting attack on the state of Yellowland. Your bomber division is to take part in massive bombardments of the enemy territory.

Destroy mission objectives and civilian buildings to help your Emperor conquer the happy land of yellow.

The game uses the Box2D physics engine.

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The perfect addicting game!

This is a great peice of work! I want a sequel of this game to be made! When can I expect a release date for it? Please, PLEASE respond to this.


very addicting. cant wait for a sequel. hopefully it will include different bombs, different buildings and a few more levels

"Fun & Games"

"Held my interest for a good while; The graphics are clean and the audio has that "Let's Fight" sound. The controls were also smooth. Well made."..............vp


Most definatly good. Some of the levels were quite a pain, but that's part of the fun. I'd love to see some sequels with a few more options, some sort of upgrade system perhaps, but t really isn't required for a good game. Nice job.

Was wonderful!

Only thing Id change is that during the fourth run the game shouldn't just cut out once the plane has passed. Let it take a few seconds to let the buildings fall if needed. I hope you make more, heck Id like to see the greens when they took over the pink and purple empires.